Power in numbers

It is about time for another one of the 33 Day detox groups to graduate out this week! I truly enjoy this time, because it is the time when I get to hear all the results from the participants in the group! I will post some of the many testimonials under that tab, as they come out. But what it comes down to for almost all of them is this: there is power in numbers… people will do in a group, what they might not even attempt alone. When it comes to health and wellness, there is so much that is foreign to people: ways of eating, and reasons behind changing habits, and how food and medicine actually all go together! It is inspirational to hear that those who chose to stick to the program, and follow the instructions given, have the revelation of not only better physical health, but a more stable emotional, and deeper spiritual health as well. It is often surprising for people to learn that God actually has something to say about our optimum health, and how to take care of our bodies: indeed, He does! And what is truly great to see, is that in the group format, done easily even over email, the magic seems to lie in the power of an entire group of people, working on the same thing, experiencing the same, and helping pull each other through. Praying for each other, and encouraging each other. Especially when it comes to working on changes that are lifelong, the power is definitely in the numbers.

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