Reversing MS and other diseases

As you can tell, there has not been a single post for a very long time!  Unintentional, however, between earning my Holistic Healthcare Practitioner degree, and hearing of my dear MIL’s impending death, this simply didn’t get done.  Now, after receiving my degree, with a 4.0 average, and having been given the privilege of being part of my MIL’s healing journey, I can tell you that having stepped away for that time was essential and needed.

To make a very long story shorter, my MIL was in an El Paso hospital, taking over 67 medications DAILY, and having only 10% renal function, when I arrived.  Doctors and nurses were whispering that they did not think she would recover.  She weighed in at over 230 lbs, and was grotesquely bloated from renal malfunction.  I will spare you all the gory details, but she was not only unwell, she was dying.  There wasn’t much hope.  I felt the unmistakeable call from God to go help her.  I dropped everything, and packed my holistic healthcare bag with everything I knew might help her situation.  And when I arrived at the hospital, I did the one thing that patients in hospitals need most:  become a knowledgable advocate for her.  I asked questions about every procedure and every medication they were wanting to give, and the reason for them.  I knew one big thing:  she needed to get off the medications as soon as possible, and detox as soon as possible, if she would have a chance at all.  She couldn’t eat, yet she was taking medications, with barely any renal function.  I’ve been pleading with my MIL for years, to get off all these medications, and finally, she was ready to do so.

While all drug information always states to ask the doctors to help you get off medications safely, in her state, the doctors decided to get her off of most medications cold-turkey.  It was terrible.  For four days, she went through detox as any drug addict would.  They had her down to 15 meds, and I started pushing to get her off of every single one that was not absolutely necessary.  It was a fight, but it had to be done.  So, within a very short timeframe, she went from 67, to a total of just 4.  Without question, the number one, most important thing to allow for any healing, was prayer.  Prayer moves things in the spiritual realm that absolutely affects our physical bodies.  The most crucial thing beyond that, was to give her body nutrition, as she wasn’t eating anything.  I gave her double doses of Juice Plus+ (, and aside from filtered water, coconut oil, and honey, this was the only nutrition she was receiving.  I administered specific essential oils topically, orally, and by diffusing into the air, which addressed a terrible case of Cellulitis, and helped increase renal function.

Within just a few weeks of using the holistic therapies, my MIL was well enough to be discharged from the hospital/rehab center, and came to live with us for the next three months.  We concentrated on detoxing her body, eating well, and supplementing properly.  She had two strokes and one TIA.  But the fact that prayer and good holistic practices were being employed, allowed my MIL to not only live through those, but have absolutely no deficiencies.  In addition, all MS and Parkinsons symptoms, with the exception of neuralgia, disappeared.

How can this happen?  The body tends to balance, and to health.  It is we who get in the way.  If we give the body what it needs, and keep it away from what it does not need, vibrant health returns.

My MIL is enjoying greater health now than she has had in 20 years!  She is so full of life, that it is actually hard to believe.  The doctors certainly didn’t think this could ever happen.  But having helped many people in different stages of health issues, I am here to say that all one needs is a good holistic practitioner, or understanding of holistic ways, and it could be the difference between life and death, and between enjoying great, optimum health, or suffering needlessly!

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