Live it, or Write about it….

Is it just me, or is time just flying by? Yeah, no, it’s not just me…it’s probably every person reading this! As well intentioned as I continue being to post at least once a month, it isn’t always getting done. If this is you, give yourself a break, and give yourself grace…when you don’t get to do things that you want and even need to do, just pause: are you living out of your joy? If you are, that’s all that’s needed.

This doesn’t mean to put on a happy face every day, and pretend, I mean, are the big things getting done? Are you seeking and loving God with your actions and words? Are you loving your spouse, your children, your next door neighbor, that person who may not seem to deserve to be loved? Are you being kind and generous? Are you giving of yourself? If you are answering “yes”, then no matter if you don’t get to write about it, and not matter if so many other things aren’t getting done… if you’ve lived with love, to the best of your ability today, rest in God, knowing that this is what He delights in, and it’s really the only thing that counts… “Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself”. ~Luke 10:27

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