According to the Doctors…

According to the doctors, my mom should’ve died long ago (she’s 82). She had a brain tumor when she was 20 (they stuck her in a cold, dark room, and radiated her with Cobalt…all of the other patients this was done to did die). She was supposed to go blind in her early 20’s (she prayed and gave her most precious possession up in faith, by placing it on a statue of Jesus’ mother, Mary). She has had high blood pressure and high cholesterol for every test she’s ever taken (180/110 or more on blood pressure, and close to 300’s for cholesterol), yet she’s refused all man-made medications for altering those numbers (did I mention she’s 82?)

U.S. Doctors are awesome at patching us up when we are in acute and emergency care…bleeding, something broken, or a major accident of some kind, or even surgery…take me to ER right now! Or if you want a diagnosis for what you may be dealing with (Just know ahead of time that you will spend lots of time and money on getting a fancy Latin word for the exact symptom you are experiencing.) But honestly, for everything else, if it is an illness, or a disease that requires your body to be doing its job, in order for you to be healthy and well…anything having to do with long-term or chronic issues, or where the body is somehow failing in, they simply don’t have an answer. They don’t need to, because alternative medicine certainly does step in and pick up where modern medicine simply cannot tread! And of course, here is where God, in all His glory, has shown Himself faithful and true by providing us with amazing things for our health and well-being. We don’t even know the half of it (or really, a minuscule part of it).

True healing has to consider the whole person, body, mind and spirit, when dealing with any ill health issues. And no matter what your supposed diagnosis from regular doctors, you can be about the business of finding alternative solutions to what ails you!

Back to my mom’s story: we cannot discount God’s amazing provision for health in the plants that He created as our food. They are so much more than that! We cannot discount His miraculous healing power, even in the face of impossible odds. And we cannot discount the power of our own belief and faith in the whole process.

No one can contain how God chooses to give mercy and grace, even in the face of whatever grim information a doctor may be sharing with you.

Part of health is certainly a faith component. May God bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as you seek Him!

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