Brain Health…Root Causes of Migraines!!

Debilitating, some of the most horrible pain one can imagine to endure.
Commonly described Symptoms: lightheadedness, throbbing pain on one side or part of head, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, hot and cold flashes,hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Warning symptoms, or auras, for a few minutes before experiencing pain…to avert, act quickly!! Warning Symptoms Include: blurred vision
muddled thinking
numbness or tingling on one side of body or head

Usually severe and localized on one side of the head, involving temple and eye

BEST practice is to prevent at all costs!

Important to find the ROOT CAUSE…it does not stand alone (all migraines have a cause). Treating symptoms will not stop recurrence, finding root cause and addressing it, will!!!

Most migraines are response to underlying metabolic, structural, and/or emotional imbalances.

Most Migraines: (In order of importance and how to track it down…)
Root causes:
Chronic dehydration (drinking less than ½ body weight in ounces of water, daily)
Lack of needed/necessary nutrients
Exposure to toxicity (chemicals in form of personal care, shampoos, colognes, perfumes, cleaners, laundry care, disinfectants, dusters, furniture or wood polishes, chemicals in processed foods, or chemicals in sprayed produce, air fresheners, paints, asbestos or other fine powdered, fibrous exposure of any kind (skin or breathing in); mega-doses of synthetic, fractionated,isolated vitamins (includes most vitamins on the market)
Food allergies
Hormonal changes
Stress (physical and emotional)

Most painful
Excruciating pain concentrated around the eye
Accompanied by tears, facial flushing and nasal congestion
Sharp, intense pain for few hours, subsides, then returns
Can last few weeks to several months
Some people feel like banging their head against wall, to alter sensation (do not do this)
Find trigger points in nerves from neck to head, to do self-help therapy

Begins in back of neck, spreads outward, dull, throbbing pain.
Root causes:
Buildup of metabolic wastes, due to poor diet, constipation or other digestive problems.
Lack of nutrition, enzymes, probiotics, etc…
Stress (difference between how things are and how you wish they were).
In particular, linked to emotional stress
Physical stress (overexertion)
Poor posture
Spinal Misalignment

Usually constant. Due to muscle contraction and nerve compression.

*Vascular Irregularities:
Root cause:
Alternating constricting and expanding of arteries in head exert pressure on nerves and causes sharp pain.
Lack of nutrition

Root causes:
Eating, breathing in, touching, or applying any substance that body has sensitivity or allergy to.
Poor digestion
Yeast overgrowth
Dysbiosis (lack of probiotics)
Enzyme Deficiencies (Enzymes are needed to process foods properly. Enzymes come from food: body cannot produce them on its own! Whole food nutrition is required.)

Will present itself 4-12 hours after eating, breathing, touching or wearing offending substance

Detox, find offending substance, and eliminate it from lifestyle
Takes patience
Requires more time for body to return to normal function

Root causes: head, neck and spine injuries; can occur immediately, or months after injury

Daily and relentless

Root causes:
Jaw and dental stress, jaw misalignment (also happens during Ortho treatments)
Infected teeth
Mercury amalgam poisoning
Faulty bridges
Teeth Grinding
Jaw clenching

Pain is focused in the mouth or in front of and behind the ear on one or both sides of the jaw.

Root causes:
Long periods of focused visual work on computer, or reading in poor light
Chronic stress: not learning to let go, or process stress positively
Spinal or musculoskeletal misalignment

Root cause:
Inflamed Sinuses
Lack of nutrients

Gnawing, painful pressure, swelling/tenderness in sinuses, loss of sense of smell

Root cause:
Caffeine and medication withdrawal

Strikes within 12-24 hours, peaking at 48 hours, disappearing gradually over several days, unless substance reintroduced.

Root cause:
During or immediately after physical exertion (lifting, running, etc…)

Brief and throbbing, can be extreme and frightening

*Organic: Most serious…need to be ruled out when dealing with long-term Migraines!
Root Causes:
Brain tumors
Swollen or diseased blood vessels
Brain infections, etc…

Come on suddenly, can include seizures (but not necessarily), projectile vomiting, speech or personality changes, walking difficulty, increasing pain.
***Consult doctor immediately, if any of these symptoms present.

Some Quick Fixes/Self Help for GREAT Brain Health:
1. Prevent development! By good daily dietary and lifestyle changes
a. Eat good diet with mostly fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts
b. Add Juice Plus+ nutritional support: capsules AND Complete Shake
c. Drink ½ body weight in filtered water, DAILY!! Keep fully hydrated at ALL times, especially during hot and sunny days!!!
d. Learn to de-stress!! Whatever causes you emotional and mental pain or tiredness, de- stress by prayer, deep breathing, time-outs, exercise, walking, or going into your quiet place.
e. Use YL essential oils that help you relax. Effective for daily use as well.
f. Self-massage on back of neck (see instructions below)
g. Progressive Relaxation Technique (see instructions below)

2. Start additional therapies as soon as you know your triggers are coming on!!
a. Immediately drink 8-12 ounces of water, at least! (up to 24 ounces is best)
b. Alkalanize your body…Alka-Lime or Bicarbonate soda in water (Stay away from acid- producing foods or treats!! Sugar is acid-producing)
c. Apply essential oils ASAP!! Use only Young Living brand:
Peppermint, Lavender, Di-Gize, Deep Relief, or Frankincense
Apply oils: on area of concern, behind neck, and around and on earlobes.
Learn accupressure points on hands, feet, and ears. Use oils in conjunction with accupressure, and body will make connection, and each successive application, it will work better and faster!
d. Self-massage: cradle back of your neck with your hand and squeeze gently, slowly rolling your head in a circle. Release for a few moments, then squeeze neck again, slightly increasing pressure. Repeat squeezing and releaseing 20 times. Then, using your fingertips, press into any areas in your neck and shoulders that are sore or tender, moving your arms and shoulders in a gentle, rhythmic motion. Continue this for several minutes, until pain fades. Doing these exercises periodically throughout the day, will often prevent migraines from recurring. Ask friend or family member to help.

This can be done preventatively (daily, when all is well), as well as for added therapeutical acute care.

e. Progressive Relaxation technique: Lie down or lean back in comfortable place, quiet room, with subdued light. Use 2-3 drops of YL relaxation oil on palm of hand, rub palms together, cup over mouth and nose, then take ten slow, deep breaths, taking a little longer to breathe out than you take to breathe in. Ideal timing is 5-6 second full inhalation, and 7-8 second full exhalation. This starts the relaxation process. Beginning with your feet, clench muscles and toes tightly for two seconds, then release. Then tighten muscles in your calves, and relax. Repeat this process for the rest of your body: quads, bottom, abdomen, chest, hands, lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, neck jaw, eyes, and finally muscles of the face. Next, yawn several times, then squeeze your eyes open and shut, taking another ten deep breaths. Notice how much more relaxed you are. Continue breathing, allowing relaxation to grow stronger. Then resume your regular activities. You can do this alongside prayerful meditation, inviting God into your healing process.

f. Hydrotherapy: hot baths, saunas, heat and steam baths all reduce tension by increasing blood circulation! Use ½ cup Epsom salt, add 6-7 drops YL essential oils, and drop into as hot a bath as you can…do NOT burn yourself. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Get out of bath, towel up from head to toe (probably need a helper), and crawl under covers for 15-20 minutes. Towel off or quickly shower off any sweat. Use YL relaxing essential oils after toweling off. This therapy also effective in heading off migraines.

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