The Coconut Oil Miracle

eo-coconut-oil-miracleAs a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I get to share safe, effective, natural resources with my patients, which make a huge difference in health and wellness. Coconut oil is one of those big ones! When it comes to coconut oil and good therapeutic essential oils, the question of what can they do is virtually limitless!

Since I do not sell coconut oil, I’m completely at liberty to tell you what it is definitely known to address, and how to take it!

While I’ve been teaching this for years, I find it much more fun to be able to point to a published book, which will also contain references on information given. In the book titled The Coconut Oil Miracle, by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., you will find a treasure of information on why and exactly how this performs its miracles. Here I’ll only share the highlights…and before we start, let me say this: God has created plants in order to address ALL our health and wellness needs. Whether you decide to use conventional means or not, always consider using traditional, time-tested and proven natural remedies at least alongside the conventional treatments…and should you choose to use only safe, effective natural remedies, you may end up enjoying a level of wellness you had no idea was possible!

With Organic, first cold-pressed Coconut oil you can:
Strengthen your Immune system
Reduce Inflammation
Lose extra pounds
Beautify Skin and Hair
Heart Disease
(by healing arterial walls, removing plaque,lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol)
Cancer (by destroying the outer coating of invading bodies)
and Diabetes (by helping normalize blood sugar)
Kill off germs: viruses, bacteria, and parasites included…no matter where they are residing
(especially if they are residing internally in any part of the body)
Soothe gastro-intestinal issues
Clean out GI tract
Brighten teeth
Detoxify the body
Normalize skincare conditions
Help brain function by nourishing the nervous system (numerous Alzheimer and Parkinson applications as well)

If you were to add specific, ingestible essential oils to your coconut intake and application, you would experience an even better outcome for vibrant health and wellness! But for now, back to coconut oil…

How to use it:
2 Tablespoons in the morning, 2 Tablespoons at night
Take straight up, slather on toast, waffles or pancakes, add to meals, hot drinks, oatmeal, soups, and smoothies
Cook with it (in addition to taking the 4 total Tablespoons per day)
Do Oil Pulling with it
Make great beauty, hair and skincare products with it (and toss out your toxic junk)

Use this great little miracle DAILY! Replace all your other refined oils with it. See the difference you will be able to feel!

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