Signs that Your Liver needs to Detox NOW!!

These signs can show a serious overload in your liver, and you need to detox your liver on a regular daily and seasonal cycle, if you want a happy day, and a long life of wellness!

Overweight, with inability to lose fat
Sudden, unexplained weight loss
Loss of appetite
Abdominal bloating after eating
Excessive gas
Poor and inadequate/unfinished digestion
Bad breath
Coated/white/pasty feeling tongue, when fasting from food
Sluggish metabolism
Gallbladder problems
High cholesterol
Sugar cravings
Hormonal Imbalances
Mood and behavior swings/unpleasant moods
Excessive body heat
Sensitivity to medication
Daily medication intake
Daily alcohol consumption
Frequent/continued fatigue
Frequent headaches or migraines
Forgetfulness, poor concentration, or disturbed sleep
Lowered immune system function
Frequent colds, fevers and mucus
Fatty liver
High blood pressure
Chemical intolerance
Easy/unexplained bruising and bleeding
Portal vein hypertension (causing all kinds of other pain/health issues/headaches)
Varices (distended veins)
Intense itching
Oily skin
Skin blemishes

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