Restoring Alkalinity

Test your pH at home, using the litmus paper strips you can get a natural food stores, online, or at some drugstores or pharmacies.  If BELOW 7.0…

  1. Avoid yeast and fungus promoting foods, including:
    Dairy (doesn’t include eggs)
    Bready/yeasty products (gluten)
  2. Consume fructooligosaccharides (FOS), from foods (Some food replacement shakes have these…Google foods that have these)
  3. Lower Stress Levels
  4. Avoid use of antibiotics:  they kill the good, and increase resistance of the bad
  5. Use specific essential oils, known for their harmonizing effects in the body
  6. Increase intake of Alkaline Minerals:  AlkaLime, MegaCal, SuperCal, Mineral Essence, and JuvaPower or JuvaSpice (for salads and cooking)
  7. Add great Probiotics, daily:  Life9, Klaire Labs/Prothera Complete, or SB

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