Effective Cleansing/Detoxification of the Body

God recently convicted me of the direction my health was taking, as I was trying to minister to everyone else’s health, and forgetting about my own.  So, I started at the best new beginning:  detoxification.  My results are so great, I’ve been having many people asking me what I’m doing.  Here it is!

Health is a lifelong process, not an event.  There are many programs available that promise great detox, and come with a hefty price tag.  Some include very questionable ingredients, many contain ingredients that most people are simply unwilling to stomach. Great news!  Those potions, goops, and gross drinks are NOT required!!  Cleansing and detoxing is not only a required purposeful event you need to engage in at least 1-2 times per year (preferably once per season), but also daily, via lifestyle choices (eating, using natural, toxin-free products).  Here have been my personal favorites, which not only have worked the best, but also are more enjoyable and tasty than anything else I’ve tried.

Please note:  to the extent that you are willing to follow said protocols, will be to the extent that you will feel greater wellness, get rid of unwanted pounds, and feel AH-MAZING!!

Fasting:  it actually means going without food, or going without most food, not just going without one item.  This is to be done under the supervision of a doctor, especially if you have illness or disease of any kind.  And if you are on medications, especially MAOI’s, no matter what the doctor says, you are NOT to enter into a food fast!!  Having medications in your body, without food to properly metabolize them and decrease the impact on the body, is a recipe for disaster.  You can otherwise choose to fast for three days, 10 days, or longer.  The longer you fast, the more medical accountability you need.  You can do a liquid only fast, during this time, which is what I choose to do.  Starting with a 3 day fast (if you plan on fasting at all), is a great way to start.  Fasting is for the purpose of seeking physical wellness, as well as seeking God in spirit.  Prayer is an important part of fasting, as it allows your spirit to align with God’s for your life.  If you’ve never done this before, this can be a life-changing experience!  Yes, you WILL feel hungry…that’s actually part of the cleansing that helps you enormously!
1.  At least half your body weight in ounces of filtered water, daily.  (EX:  weight 100 lbs = 50 ounces of filtered water daily)
2.  Detoxifying teas, with lemon, ginger, etc., all day long
3.  Drinking Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes twice a day (has FOS:  fructooligosaccharides, and only dense nutrition, through whole food);
NingXia Red, and MindWise 
4.  Adding organ cleansing YL essential oils to all liquids.  Essential oils have a remarkable ability to penetrate your cell membranes, and break down toxins and undigested food!  Add savory YL oils to soups and while cooking, too!
5.  Intermittent fasting:  once finished with fasting (if you choose to do it), you can do intermittent fasting, daily.  Don’t eat past 6pm (ideal, but do your best), and then hold off the following day for breakfast, until 2-3 hours after you have woken up.
6.  Oil pulling:  I use Coconut oil (which starts off solid), and add a couple of drops of the YL citrus oils, or peppermint, and then start swishing it around in my mouth, for up to 10 minutes.  Do this once or twice a day.  You’ll have the best teeth and gums ever!
8.  Foods:  fresh, raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  Make them tasty, by making your own, easy but delicious dressings and dips. (no dairy).  Cook no more than 20% of your food intake.  If doing a liquid only detox, skip this part, until foods come back in.  Start learning to use your intuition, on what your body wants and needs, within the parameters of these foods.  Choose foods that have a pH alkaline EFFECT (not necessarily that they are alkaline when tested before eating!!  I will post what they are.)

Products I’m using for detoxing the body:

Medical Grade Probiotics:  Klaire Labs Complete or Saccharomyeces Boulardii;
Young Living Life9 ( To order, Click Here )

Juice Plus+ Complete shake:  Vanilla and Chocolate…More info?  Order?  Click Here

The following are Young Living products.  For more info, or ordering, please CLICK HERE
Add 1 drop of any of the Young Living Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, Peppermint, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, DiGize, JuvaCleanse, or Christmas Spirit blend.
DiGize blend and/or JuvaCleanse blend and Copaiba over stomach and liver, with hot compress.
Digest and Cleanse capsules:  can also use Essentialzymes or Essentialzymes4.
ComforTone  Info or order for the last three items?
NingXia Red:  1-2 ounces per day
MindWise:  start with 2 Tablespoons daily, for 7 days, and then 1 Tablespoon daily as part of your lifestyle change, for better brain function!  It’s amazing!!

There are also specific cleansing programs, (and portions of those cleanses that you can add to this basic one, to customize/tailor to your needs), which target specific needs, such as Colonic Cleansing, Heavy Metal Cleansing, Liver Cleansing, Parasite Cleansing, and GI Cleansing/Gut Healing. (Check my blog on different Cleansing programs)

Please NOTE:  if you want to truly detox, you MUST detoxify your entire home as well, so you are not wrecking all your efforts!! Where do YOU have toxic chemicals lurking?  Go through every part of your house, and every cabinet.  Check labels… I will write an article on what to look for, as you are doing your whole home detox!!


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