Only Two Pathways to Disease

 That is definitely one of my all time favorite images, to share health truths with you!  Take a few minutes to really study that image.

It should encourage you GREATLY, that the health problems you have been dealing with stem from root issues that you can actually do something about!  It’s very simple:  The body requires certain elements, and it has toxicity to certain elements.  Degenerative diseases develop when you either do not give your body enough of the required, necessary elements/nutrients for proper function, and/or expose your body to too much of the toxic elements/anti-nutrients that the body does not want or need.

All toxic things cause inflammation, which then unlocks particular disease processes.  Lack of proper nutrients or addressing the needs of the body, mind and spirit, similarly allow inflammation to take hold.  Therefore, the simple solution (although not easy), is to significantly increase the intake of the good required for proper cellular, mental and spiritual function, and/or significantly decrease the intake of bad or unnecessary elements that harm the body, mind or spirit.


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