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I’ve helped hundreds of people go through a 33 Day Journey, to show them how simple it is to get healthy, and get rid of extra weight in the process.  I actually encourage you to do what I’m sharing with you for 40 days at a time.  Certain numbers are important in the Bible, and are repeated often.  40 is one of those numbers, and it is one of those breakthrough numbers!  You want to really have a significant breakthrough in your health and life that will just rock your world?  Diligently and honestly seek God during the same 40 days of starting this health journey.  There will be no words!

If you want a complete health and lifestyle change, it will take AT LEAST 120 days (4 months), and you will be able to see even deeper health benefits once you’ve stuck with it for at least 180 days (6 months).  Before I go on, let me just share that you can look physically fit, yet be completely unhealthy, so what I am sharing is all about health, and trimming up in a healthy way.  In the process, you will find out how well your body is capable of working at its optimum, in turn causing you to experience wellness!  I’m not into “secrets”, or gimmicks.  I’m not into long, never ending information, that only wastes your time.  And I’m not interested in making you pay for information, or making you crazy with never ending flashing ads.  So, if you are so done with that, I hope you find this one stop health resource to be exactly what changes your life and health, and I hope you too will enjoy optimum health by following my simple ideas and using the highly effective products I list for you.


Important Disclosures:

Most of the information I am sharing, I have no ties or affiliations to whatsoever.  Some of the items or products I share have impressed me so much and have recommended so often, that I chose to completely change my practice!  I no longer charge for consultations, and instead, empower clients to invest their money in the things they actually need to hit their health goals.  I represent a few of the products I recommend, and hope you find it beneficial to be part of my customer base, and have access to me for particular health issues.     

Also notice I don’t junk up my blog with advertisements, so hopefully that is worth a lot to you!  My aim is to get you healthy and well, and for you to see God’s loving provision in how He created you and everything for you!  Whenever I mention brands, I mean exactly those brands. When you purchase essential oils, and supplements I mention, for the ones I’m affiliated with, you should NEVER do so through AMAZON.  Manufacturing company rules state these must be purchased through affiliates, for company of origin to guarantee their products.  When purchasing directly from companies, you will usually be asked who recommended products to you.  Please insert my member numbers in those places.  Essential oils and supplements are easily diluted or changed, and bottles are easily re-sealed, when sold on Amazon.  You have ZERO guarantee of what you are actually getting, when you do not buy directly from certain companies, through their affiliates. If I am an affiliate of that brand, I hope you consider becoming my customer!  My joy and purpose is to help you get healthy and well, and empower you with education that will allow you to be your own best health and wellness advocate!  To the extent that you use the products and do the things I share, will be to the extent you see great results.  The product brands I mention here, that I am directly affiliated with include:
Young Living (member ID 1190675), and
Juice Plus+ (member ID 043675)


God created you to enjoy your life, and for your body to work well!  Achieving optimum health is not easy, but it is very simple!  Oh, and as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I will be addressing Body, Mind, and Spirit, for whole wellness!  Without further due, here we go!

Required government disclaimer:  Check with your doctor, before starting on any diet or exercise plan.

(Never fast if you are on mood altering or anti-psychotic drugs of any kind)


  1.  Take a picture, full body (front, back and side views), as well as your main trouble areas, and up close head shot, without makeup
  2. Start with a 3 Day Apple Fast: Image result for apples This is best done with a friend or group, to keep you going and accountable!  (Diabetics will need to balance this with raw broccoli)
    Raw apples only, Organic; you may spice them up with black pepper, cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, or cardamom, etc… only spices that don’t have additives; do not add sugar!  You can shred, slice, dice, mince or eat them whole.
    Most people will eat between 8 and 12 apples per day.
    2 Tablespoons of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily, before bed
    1 Tablespoon Organic Coconut oil daily in the morning
    Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of filtered water, daily (100 lbs = 50 oz of water)
    For optimum full fasting experience, seek God intensely during these three days.  Be prepared for some very close spiritual encounters!  (I’m adding a blog on a 40 Day transformation for Body, Mind and Spirit…Start on Day 1, and follow along!)
  3. 10 Day Juice Plus+ Shred:  (You will do this three times in a row, 10 days at a time each, for a total of 30 days):
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    *  Take Juice Plus+ Trio daily
    *  Drink TWO Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes daily
    *  1/2 your body weight in ounces of filtered water daily
    *  Exercise most days:  Burst training
    *  ZERO Wheat or gluten
    *  ZERO Dairy (Dark leafy greens are a great source of calcium)
    *  ZERO Caffeine, alcohol, artificial sugar, refined sugar, or processed foods; includes processed gluten free or dairy free
    *   No solid food after 6pm… Complete Shake is OK
    *  Intermittent fasting (waiting until later in the morning, for first meal) will be added help
  4. On day 14, take another picture, full body (front, back and side views), as well as your main trouble area(s) and up close head shot, without makeup…see the difference already?
  5. Eat Brain boosting foods, and Anti-Inflammatory foods; Stay away from Inflammatory foods; Organic Chicken and Beef are on the menu, Eggs are fine, and not considered Dairy.
  6. Break down Fibrin and fascia daily, using Young Living Cel-Lite massage oil and Fascia Blaster, Arrosti rollers, or vigorously rub fingers back and forth, with enough pressure that you can feel it break down the fascia.  With slight pressure, do facial massage as well daily.  Also gets circulation going!
  7. Soak two tablespoons Chia Seeds in 2 ounces Coconut milk, and drink daily
  8. Go to bed by 10:30pm, and get 7-9 hours of deep sleep, daily.  Young Living Sleep Essence gel caps, and other relaxing essential oils can be a big help!
  9. Sometimes we just cannot seem to get the last few bulges dealt with, or have hit a plateau.  Stress, Toxin buildup in the body, Lack of Sleep, Emotional, Mental, Hormonal, or Thyroid imbalances can all be unseen obstacles in your way.  The following resources will help address all of those!
  10. For stress reduction, relaxation, detoxification, and to balance hormones, use Young Living essential oils and products specific for those purposes, such as Progessence Plus, Sclar-Essence, Lady Sclareol, or Clary Sage; If you are a Christ follower, you need to learn to trust and give your burdens to Him.  If you are not a Christ follower, you will still find that reaching out to God is one of the most stress reducing resources available.
  11. For overall wellness attainment, add the 4 Month Wellness Plan we have crafted with Young Living products, including NingXia Red Wolfberry antioxidant drink, Life 9 Superstrain probiotics, or MightyPro (Pre- and Probiotic mix sticks), and specific enzymes.  ( See 4 Month Wellness Plan blog )
  12. For Thyroid support, use YL hormone balancing oils, PLUS Mineral Essence, and/ or Thyromin; make sure to eat 1-2 Brazil Nuts every day.
  13. For emotional support and mental wellness:  use Young Living blends specific to your emotional needs. Learn to use the oils and specific affirmations to transform your mental and emotional states ( See Emotional Wellness Blog)
  14. Starting on 34th day, continue with Juice Plus+ Trio.  The JP+ Complete can be a healthy addition for a new lifestyle change, packing dense nutrition in a tasty meal replacement drink!
    Dairy can be a source of packing on extra pounds.  If you choose to add dairy back into your life, start with hard cheeses first, and see how your body responds.  Add new dairy one new kind per week, so you can know which may not be the best for you.  Some people just don’t need any dairy in their lives.  No one needs to drink cows milk.
    This is the point at which you will find your unique best diet.  There are so many wonderful diets to choose from!  The biggest challenge is changing the overall American way of eating as a long-term idea.  (See Let’s Rethink Meals)  I always encourage to apply the following to all diets as additional boundaries:  stay away from Biblically unclean meats (See Biblically Unclean Meats blog), and say no to processed foods.  Stay away from all chemically altered and harmful ingredients (See Harmful Food Ingredients blog).  Choose Non-GMO and go Organic, whenever possible. I encourage you to completely remove cow’s milk from your life forevermore (See Cow’s Milk blog).  Here are some good choices for possible diets that will keep you on the track to great health:  Keto, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian.  What you must keep in mind is that health is a journey, not an event, and you are a unique individual.  Learn to give your body what it needs.  When you eat something that makes you feel bad, stop eating that!  Make a note, and test it at another time.  Still feel bad?  Kick it to the curb!
  15. On day 40:  take another picture, full body (front, back and side views), as well as your main trouble area(s) and up close head shot, without makeup…WOW!!  You should see a significant difference!  Journal how you feel, what you’re thinking, and what God is showing you!  Continue updating your pictures every 40 days.
  16. Supplements are no longer a luxury.  If you aren’t already on it, get on the 4 Month Wellness Plan.  You should still have three months of JP+ left.  Consider JP+ as subbing for NR, until you run out.  Once you finish the four month supply of Juice Plus+ Trio, either continue with Juice Plus+, or switch to NingXia Red.  Either of those will give you great antioxidant power through dense whole food nutrients.  Probiotics and Enzymes round out the last two items for the 4 Month Wellness.  (See 4 Month Wellness Plan blog).  Additional supplements to consider are Omegas.  Juice Plus+ has an excellent full spectrum, plant based only product that is hard to beat.  (See How to Choose Effective Supplements)
  17. Your body is in constant flux, and constantly rebuilding itself, dependent wholly on what you give it.  The material it uses to build new, ever-replacing cells includes:  foods you eat, things you think about or dwell on, things you see or look at, things you hear or listen to, things you breathe in, things you touch, or that touch you (physically, including how you perceive that touch), and things you apply on your skin, and things that touch you emotionally (positively and negatively).  Your body needs to be getting rid of daily cellular and food processing waste products quickly and efficiently (See What’s In Your Toilet blog). And your body needs movement and stimulation for good circulation and muscle power.  Your mind needs stimulation by positive beauty, and thought, and your emotions need mastering.  It is an exciting, ever changing journey, full of awe and amazing discovery about yourself, your gifts, your purpose, your inner workings, your spirit, and how everything you do, say and think impacts not only you, but countless people around you!  One year from now, almost your entire body will be completely new…that should give you hope, and encourage you to start changing some things to keep moving towards better and better health each and every month!  Therefore, fuel your body well, supplement it well, keep breaking down the fibrin and/or fascia, increase your circulation through movement and rigorous massage (breaking down fibrin and/or fascia), give your body needed rest, feed your spirit deeply, and soothe your mind and emotions.  All of that will get and keep you optimally healthy in body mind and spirit, and will contribute to the best, highest quality of life possible.  The side benefits will include looking and feeling radiant, joyous, peaceful, loved, patient, kind, gentle, and self-controlled.  And also have fewer pounds to carry around, physically, emotionally,  and mentally.  You will find that place where only those who choose to discipline themselves to do what’s ultimately healthy will get to enjoy!  I hope you get to enjoy greater health in the next few months and years, as have countless others, by choosing to allow me to share your health journey with you!
  18. Ready to jump in?  Connect with me, and let’s get started!!

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The rest of this blog pertains only to Christ Followers…If you are one, read on!  If you aren’t one, move on to something else!

This part of the blog will be added to as time permits.  Please check back for more info from time to time… see what I have so far, below…
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The church has lost its way completely in many areas.  We are supposed to be the light for the world to see God clearly, and yet we have bought into so many secular lies that too many of us no longer look different than the rest of the world.  Sadness.  We are supposed to attract people into God’s Kingdom by how we act, think, process, love and do all of life differently from the rest of the world!  And that difference should look attractive…call people to God’s way of doing things!  God knows this, and has placed loving boundaries for us to follow.  God has set boundaries for us in every area of life, that we might be able to fully enjoy all of life.  Yes, He has set boundaries on food, for our well being.  It is to nourish us, sustain us, and give life to every cell of our being.  It is to make and keep us strong and healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Yet too many of our brothers and sisters in Christ find themselves imprisoned by lust for, greed of, and overindulgence of food and even “pretend food”.

God has many things to say on keeping His temple, our body, holy, and much of it pertains to food. God opened my eyes to the many things He has to tell us on how we should be taking care of ourselves, during our own struggles with health challenges.  So He has given me a passion for sharing truth about holistic health with His people.

The true issue regarding food that most Believers have not learned, is that it is an issue of stewardship.  Our bodies are the Temple of the Lord!  In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, it isays “Do you not know that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own, you were bought at a price.  Therefore, honor God with your body.” Had you thought of that before?   Your body is where God’s Spirit dwells!  Your body is NOT your own, to do with as you please!  You are the caretaker of a resource that belongs to God.  If you follow God’s direction in maintaining it, you will have the most optimum health possible.

Plus, we are not to have idols of ANY kind, and food has easily become the number one idol of Christians in the Western world.  Without realizing it, and without being called on it, far too many brothers and sisters in the church are being enslaved by the enemy with the natural consequences of not only idolatry to that food, but with all kinds of health problems and challenges!  Have you ever thought of that?

Imagine the storehouses in the church overflowing with the ability to do anything the Lord leads, if the same amount of money spent on not only over-eating but also on trying to fix the health problems it causes long-term, would be applied to giving, instead?!!  Is your mind blown at the thought?  God’s perfect gift of provision in all of your life includes meeting the perfect nutritional needs, and health and wellness needs!  Yet too many in the church are suffering the end result of the sin of food idolatry.  Choosing the TASTE of a “food” (given the nature of most things people overindulge in, it is hard to call most food, so quotes!), over God!  That is Idolatry.

And further consider what percentage of prayer requests at your church are about health problems?  Not that it’s unnecessary to pray over healing, but that it would be unnecessary to suffer through MOST health issues, would God’s people actually follow what He has in place as His good and perfect provision for us! (Hosea 4:6)  Instead, our prayer life should focus on redemption and reconciliation!  The list of what we should be praying for daily is so long, health shouldn’t even be a concern most of the time!  Yet it’s the opposite in the current prayer lists of our churches!  See the outline of how we should pray, as Jesus taught:  Matthew 6:9-13.  Then let’s look at the many different Biblical examples of prayer for…
The peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)
Our nation (2 Chronicles 7:14)
Our persecutors (Matthew 5:44)
Our world (Matthew 6:10)
The lost (John 17:20)
The church body (Romans 15:5-6, Col 3:15-16)
Our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2)
And all of the prayer requests for our fellow Believers:
Sanctification (John 17:17)
Spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17)
Eyes and Hearts opened (Ephesians 1:18)
Knowing their calling (Ephesians 1:18-19)
Living a worthy life (Col 1:10; 2 Thess 1:11)
Growing in the knowledge of God (Col 1:10)
Endurance and patience, by His power (Col 1:11)
Indwelling of Christ (Eph 3:17)
Rooted and established in love (Eph 3:17)
Know God’s love that surpasses knowledge (Eph 3:18)
Avoid temptations (Mark 14:38, Luke 22:40, 46)
Actively share faith (Philemon 6)
Proclaim Gospel with clarity (Col 4:4)
Fearlessly share the Gospel (Eph 6:19-20)
Knowing God’s will (Col 1:9)
Bearing fruit in every good work (Col 1:10)
Protected from the evil one (John 17:15)
God open doors for ministry (Col 4:3)
God fulfill every good work prompted by faith (2 Thess 1:11)
Name of Jesus be glorified in them (2 Thess 1:12)
To keep God’s statutes and be blessed (Psalm 119:2), …those are to be our foremost prayer requests!  For boldness, opportunities, forgiveness, knowledge of God, etc…

We have quite an assignment in praying for all those things, without adding the currently never ending health prayer requests (again, not that those are not worthy or needed to pray over, but that they in no way should be the go to and overwhelming percentage of prayer requests being set forth weekly).  Were we to be following how God says to take care of the Temple of the Lord (our bodies), we would not be overwhelmed by unending prayer regarding preventable illnesses and diseases.(Harvard Medical Research states that at least 70% of all degenerative disease cases are fully preventable!  Whaaaaat???)

In addition, given that once the belly is over-satisfied, and unwell physical processes start taking place, not only does it become harder to be grateful for God’s blessings, but we also find little need for God!  Obesity, degenerative diseases and pain are the top health problems hitting our nation (the USA), like a tidal wave.  All are rooted in inflammation processes, and inflammation processes have everything to do with not maintaining our bodies in the manner our creator set forth.  While not all maintenance issues in your body have to do with food, quite frankly, the vast amount of them do.

On the lack of need for God, once the belly is busting at the seems, know this:  God longs for you to lean on HIM, to go to HIM for comfort, for peace, for help at all times!  Yet most Christians have fallen into the same worldly trap that lost secular people have:  using food as a means of escape, or to feel comfort or run from pain.  Friends, we should not do this!  We are substituting a very bad idol, whose returns include long term physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain!

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