Essential Fatty Acids

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We know a lot about the body, but there is still so much more to learn!

What we know about essential fatty acids, is that they are REQUIRED by the body, for certain cellular functions.  EFA’s promote brain health, fight depression, and other mental disorders, including reducing ADHD symptoms, metabolic syndrome, improves eyesight and function, fights inflammation, which in turn fights auto-immune disorders, fights age-related mental decline, including Alzheimers, reduces risk of heart disease, helps prevent cancer, reduces asthma in children, reduces fat liver, improves bone and joint health, alleviates menstrual pain, improves sleep, great for skin, and so much more!  (See Science Based Benefits)  

Those are all the ones we happen to know about, but there are surely a long list of benefits that are yet to be discovered.  Bottom line, as always, God provides health for us, in all His good things!

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Sources of EFA include nuts, seeds, green vegetables, ocean vegetables, fatty fish (because they eat the ocean vegetables), squash, and a variety of salad oils.  Please stay away from oil simply titled “vegetable oil”. Organic, cold pressed is best.

For those who want a steady input of EFA’s, want extra, or want additional to that which they get in food, the best I’ve found is JP+ broad spectrum plant-based only Omegas.  To learn more about them, or order, please click HERE

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