Erectile Dysfunction

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Yet another subject people don’t want to talk about.  I’m just gonna say it: EVERY man walks through ED at some point in time.  None want to speak up about it, which makes the problem even more hurtful to both the man, and to the spouse.

Men, if you are having this issue, it is NOT due to lack of Viagra…so please, do your long-term health a favor, and do NOT get on that!!  Your body knows what to do, but something is causing it not to work correctly.  You need to address the root cause, not simply force your body to to what it is unable to do BECAUSE of something that is going on inside of you!

Most cases of ED will resolve fairly quickly, as they involve either emotional, or mental stressors, or unmet nutritional needs.

Reasons for ED:
Prolonged Stress
Blood Pressure issues
Exposure to Pornography (yes, it WILL cause ED!)
A physical blockage of some kind, including prostate issue or cancer
Emotional distress, especially unresolved childhood issues
Lack of nutritional needs being met
Unresolved Mental Anguish
Lack of Sleep and/or Rest
Relational Distress with partner or in family

Go down the list, eliminating the ones that you know are not relevant to you.

*If you have been stressing yourself out over ANYTHING, you need to learn how to decompress in a healthy way, and to not stress out in the first place (See “Lower Your Stress” Levels blog).
*Check your blood pressure several times a day, over a one week period.  If it is either extremely high, or extremely low, it’s time to do what it takes to get that blood pressure into a healthy range (please note, I didn’t say a “normal” range, because the definition of “normal” keeps shifting, and is just a best estimate, from medical cases, which have many other factors to them). Barring a physical abnormality, you can get your blood pressure into a healthy range by natural means, because your body knows how to do that, when it works properly.  You can increase or decrease your blood pressure by:  meditation, biofeedback, use of natural means to aid body in relaxation, proper nutrition, or addressing any disease processes such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc…
*Pornography hurts your body, to your very core.  It is a perversion of the beauty of our bodies and the gift of sex that God has given us.  Whether you think it isn’t harming you is irrelevant.  It is.  It does.  And ironically, eventually, it shuts your body’s ability to perform in the very acts that you have been viewing others doing, and which has addicted you to the impossible standards of fantasy scripts, looks and acts.  None of it is real.  None of it is satisfying.  All of it is ultimately deadly to you at the cellular level!  When God’s design for sex is misused, we experience unwanted side effects.
*Finding out if you have a physical blockage or prostate issue of some kind requires medical testing.  This is good to go ahead and rule out.  Need your prostate in a healthy range?  Do it naturally!  Purchase Prostate Health HERE! 
*Emotional distress, especially unresolved childhood trauma:  an erection is a physical representation of feeling strong, healthy and vibrant. Conversely, ED is a physical representation of feeling helpless, unhealthy, apathetic, dispirited or inactive.  To change this, you MUST address emotional issues…what are you not saying, or dealing with, or what have you not dealt with?  Here’s a quick and easy test:  when you are not being entertained, and have quiet time to yourself…what does your mind wander to?  Generally, it tends to wander to a worry, stressor, or an unresolved mental or emotional pain.  THAT is what you must go after, and deal with!  (See “Resolving Emotional Pain” blog)
*Unmet nutritional needs:  Processed foods are destroying your body at every level.  If you are not eating a densely nutritious diet daily, and you are not bridging the gap in your nutritional intake (see, your body eventually stops being able to work properly.  A lack of specific protein is often to blame as well.  To combat this, and to keep your protein intake up to get rid of ED, start adding 4 whole, raw eggs to your daily morning shake.  Do this for two weeks, then see if going down to two whole raw eggs in your daily morning shake will still do the trick. If you don’t have a tasty, densely nutritious shake option, with only great ingredients, order the Juice Plus+ Complete shakes HERE!
*Lack of Deep, Restorative Sleep:  this will kill and destroy everything in your body, so of course it’s a factor in ED.
*Medications:  Sad but true, most medications cause a large number of side effects.  Use of multiple medications are usually not even researched, so no one knows the depth of the side effects being caused by actions and reactions of the multiple meds.  Your medications may or may not list ED as a possible side effect singly, but even if not listed singly, again, no one knows the cascading effects of multiple medications, so for you, this may actually be the problem.  Do your research.  If you can in any way use natural options to change your health, and have your doctor take you off medications, that is by far the best thing you can do for your long term, optimum health, and will be one less thing that could possibly be interfering with your body being able to perform.

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