Great Sleep Can Be Yours!

Let’s get right to it:  if you are missing out on really great, deep, restorative sleep, it’s not because of lack of sleeping pills.  There’s a cause.  As always, find the root cause, and you will be able to have your body work properly.

Rather than make you read a bunch of unnecessary information, here’s what you can do to get great sleep:
*Get Night Shift for your electronics.  In short, having bright blue light entering your eyes after the sun goes down, destroys your body’s ability to sync for sleep.  Even better, get off all electronics when the sun goes down, and pick up some books!
*Get off all electronics at least one hour before going to bed.
*Stop watching the news, or anything that upsets you…test it…go 40 days without watching the news…if it’s bad enough news, someone will tell you…but honestly, we were not created to carry or
*If you are a Christ-follower, or if you would like to explore meaning beyond self, there’s nothing better than seeking hard after God, and no better time to do so than right before going to sleep!  Not only does God’s Word bring healing to heart, mind and soul, but whatever you take in right before going to bed, is processed in your mind as you sleep…it is in sleep that God’s Word does the healing and the sealing.
*And/Or, find subjects that make your heart sing, or that interest you, and READ and contemplate those, before heading for sleep.
*Diffuse Young Living Lavender, Stress Away, or other relaxing essential oils…it adds an additional level of relaxation.
*Apply Young Living relaxation oils under the bottoms of the feet.
*Hit your pillow, lights out, and eyes closed no later than 11pm, for best sleep.

As with anything else, your quality of sleep is directly tied to your lifestyle, or choices.  Everything, including the state of your spiritual life, will affect your sleep…when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything:  if you are thinking about it, reading it, looking at it, tasting it, applying it on your skin, breathing it in, drinking it…if it touches you in any way, it will either help you get better sleep, or draw you further away from sleep.

Great sleep is yet another side benefit of experiencing wellness.

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