Removing Toxic Chemicals from Your Home

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What if a large amount of medical services you have been seeking, is due to a simple matter of toxic overload?  Americans suffer from overexposure to toxins and chemicals, causing physical, emotional and mental problems, and most are not aware of it!  Are YOU?

Before you leave your bathroom you have applied or sprayed somewhere between 80 and 300 chemicals!  It matters because every toxin and chemical you use, apply, spray, and breathe in, affects and disrupts your endocrine system, and destroys your hormonal balance (you have over 100 hormones, BTW, which regulate absolutely EVERYTHING in your body, from your body temperature, to your sleep cycle, to your mood, behavior, state of mind, and keeping your entire body at correct and healthy levels for EVERYTHING, including glucose, proteins, etc…)

Getting rid of chemicals in your home is very simple, but you must want to do it.  Please know that you will never be able to enjoy wellness, if you do not get rid of ALL toxins possible in your home.  Significantly reducing the amount of toxins will make a difference.  Every single product off-gasses, no matter how tightly you think the container is sealed…and once it is on or around you, it is destroying your health daily!  If you are ready to get healthy and well, get your donation boxes out, and let’s go from room to room!

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Number one offending area:  your bathroom.  Open the medicine cabinet…
Toothpastes (They actually state that you are not to swallow the product!)
Body Shampoos
Hair Shampoos
Shaving Creams
Hair Gels
Hair Sprays
*Unless these products specifically list natural ingredients and/or organic ingredients, count on them being man-made chemicals that are harmful.

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Number two offending area:  your kitchen, under and next to your kitchen sink…
Dish soap
Hand Soap
Dishwasher soap
Window Cleaner
Counter Sprays
Air Fresheners (sprays or plug-ins)
Oven Cleaners
Trash Can Liners (Scented)
Bathtub Cleaners
Clorox Wipes (see label, it states **DO NOT ALLOW SKIN CONTACT)
*Assume all of these are toxic, unless you have made them yourself, or you have purchased directly from companies or individuals known to be committed to using only organic or toxic free ingredients.

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The Laundry Area:
Laundry Detergents
Fabric Softeners
Fabric Brighteners
*Laundry detergents and softeners stay on your clothes, and enter your body through the skin.  Even if you are not showing a physical skin reaction, these are not doing good things to you.  Fabric softeners have some of the highest toxic components, which affect your respiratory system.

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The Garage Area:  Caustic products emit gasses, and still enter the home…
Paint Thinners
Weed Killers
*These are some of the most dangerous chemicals, and easily absorbable through the skin and via breathing in.  If you can store them at all in a shed away from the main structure of the house, that would be a HUGE improvement in toxic load in the home.

If you haven’t yet found a truly reliable, honest, and transparent company or individual to purchase fully healthy cleaning products, body care products, and cosmetics, you have NOW!  Check out the Young Living brand of products, whose purpose is to bring Wellness, Purpose and Abundance to all families!
Much better replacement Options from Young Living:  For Beginners…
Entire line of personal care, (shampoos, lotions, creams)
cosmetics (Savvy Minerals)
ART Skincare,
and Essential oils (instead of perfumes or colognes)

To replace almost every single cleaner in the home:  Thieves Household Cleaner


Thieves Laundry Soap

Healthy Gardening:
Use various essential oils, such as Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, etc…

For more product information, pricing, and ordering, please CLICK HERE!

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