MCT oil and Cognitive Health

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MCT oil does indeed have some amazing properties to address cognitive health.  However, it is a derivative of Coconut oil, which you can now easily purchase at just about any grocery store in the U.S., and at a much lower price.  

I like to get right to the point, as much as possible.  There is a huge amount of information in how and why this works, but if I had to boil it down to one thing it is this:  the brain REQUIRES GOOD FATS (only found in plant foods), for it to work properly.  The closer to intended nature, the better it will be for your brain.

If you understand that Neuroplasticity is the brain rewiring itself CONSTANTLY, using whatever nutrients YOU made available to it, then you can see that adding anything that would help that process WILL have good results!

If you are attempting MCT therapy, I highly suggest Organic, first cold pressed Coconut oil.  You can get it at lowest cost through Costco.  Therapeutic amount is at 2-3 Tablespoons per day.  Simply add to hot beverages, or foods, use as if it were butter on toast, or add to shakes!  If you want to surprise yourself, and are doing this to help a loved one, ask them to do a simple task of drawing or writing something, then ask them to do that same task after one week of the consistent oil use, and then at different intervals afterwards.  If you want further cognitive help resources, please see my other posts on “Top Brain and Mental Health Resources”, and “Our ASD story”.

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