21 Days of Fasting & Prayer: Revolutionary Breakthroughs

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I’ve gotten so many comments and questions regarding what I might be doing, to look and sound so great, I thought I’d share with everyone, and hopefully you will find your own Breakthroughs this year!

  1. Get the YouVerse Bible App. You can do it alone, but I suggest getting your like-minded support group in on it. We are starting February 1, 2019.
  2. Gather your group of buddies who are ready to experience some breakthroughs, and invite them through the App
  3. If you want the support and direction beyond the Scripture devotional part as well, join the following FB group: “Breakthrough 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting”
  4. Here’s what that group will be doing: 1st 3 days fasting with just water and/or liquids (does not include shakes, but water, juice and/or veggie or bone broths); days 4-6 with just fresh, organic apples and water (or continue with just water and/or liquids only); days 7-21 produce and water only (or you can decide to continue with just water and/or liquids only); Every day: read short devotionals, take time to consider meanings and application in your own life, and discuss with your group in the “Talk it Over” section. If part of the FB group, check in daily, and post your experiences, what you are doing or wondering about, etc…

*** If you are on any kind of medications, especially if they are psychotropic, anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drugs, DO NOT FAST FROM FOOD!! I cannot emphasize this enough!  DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF FOOD, IF YOU ARE ON MEDICATION! Your fast will include the foods and liquids listed below.

This is a spiritual journey as much as it is a health and wellness journey! You do not have to be a Christ follower, but if you are, you will enjoy an even closer walk, and a deeper knowledge of Him and yourself. If you are NOT a Christ follower, considering the truths of biblical scriptures will still sow wonderful knowledge and understanding into your heart and soul. Either way, you win! Fasting is SUPER HEALTHY for many reasons we will discuss on FB group, and I will later add to this post.

If you have been aching for a breakthrough in any area of your life, and had never considered fasting about it, this is your opportunity to start! Whether you are fasting (and in prayer) over physical, emotional, mental or spiritual breakthroughs, I hope you will join us! Below are some more details on what I suggest health-wise, and for the journey, if you would like to mirror what we are doing. Below is if you choose to keep adding things, as I mentioned. Obviously, if you are doing water and/or liquid fast only, that’s all you will need in supplies.

Filtered water
Veggie broth (make your own or Edward & Sons Garden Veggie Cubes
Bone broth (make your own, or purchase)
Organic Juices or YL NingXia Red
Green Tea

Filtered water
Green Tea
Fresh, Raw Organic apples, any variety, between 3 and 11 daily

Filtered water
Green Tea
Oatmeal (suggested daily)
Digestive Enzymes
Fiber drink

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