The Basics of Health

While you are an absolutely amazing INDIVIDUAL,
the basics of health for everyone are pretty much the same:
Get rid of toxicity, Increase what the body requires

Eat Life-giving Food
Hydrate well

Exercise: The best one for you, is the one you will do! Here are some ideas, just pick something you at least enjoy at some level, and GO FOR IT! Make it at least a 20-30 minute gig.
Walk briskly
Zumba (or any high energy dance moves)
Surge Training

For best results, apply Young Living Cool Azul Sports Gel, Spearmint oil, or Peppermint oil, over muscles, before starting…BIG difference! After showering, apply Copaiba oil, for recovery! Drink Juice Plus+ Complete nutritional shake, for pre-or post- workout. Prepare your body and/or help it recover!

Eat life-giving food:
The only food that gives you immediately usable energy AND micro-nutrients for your body to work well is produce.
Preferably: Fresh, Whole, Raw, Organic
You will NEED to add whole food supplements, as we no longer get enough nutrients in the foods we eat, even if they are Organic. If you don’t see great results with yours, get on Juice Plus+ Trio or Garden and Orchard blendsHere! Ask about FREE children’s program! The Complete nutritional shake adds even more needed nutrients.
Want to start growing your own produce? Get yourself a hydroponic garden, like the Juice Plus+ Tower Garden Here!

Hydrate well:
Drink AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in ounces of FILTERED water, daily!
Example: Weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water
Set the right amount aside in a container, and serve your smaller container from that throughout the day. Every single cellular function in your body requires water. It will flush toxins, viruses, germs, cellular trash, and metabolizes fat, amongst hundreds of other benefits! Increase body support? Add any of a number of Young Living citrus or mint essential oils to your water. Make sure to only use glass or stainless steel containers, as oils disintegrate plastics.

Experts don’t really agree, but if you sleep somewhere between 7-10 hours a day (depending on your age, and level of health), you should be good to go. Some of you will need a little less, some of you more. Do your best to sleep when it is dark (go to bed no later than 10:30ish). If your body doesn’t enjoy deep, restful sleep, find the root cause and address it. Without addressing insomnia (inability to sleep) or sleep disturbances, your health will suffer greatly long term. Find time to meditate, practice gratitude, and diffuse YL lavender, frankincense, Stress Away essential oils in your bedroom overnight!

Want to Get Rid of Extra Weight?
Stop eating wheat. Do this for 30 days at a time, so you can see the difference.
I don’t like restrictions, but reality is that you’ve added pounds by what you ate. Pull back on the following additional things, and see how great you can look and feel.
Also stop eating:
* Processed foods
* Fast foods, or eating out anywhere
* Sweets
* Artificial sugars: Absolutely NO!
* Sodas
* Inflammatory Foods (see blog entry)
Incorporate all the other things you just read about under “Basics of Health”
Start fasting:
Intermittently…don’t eat past 6pm, or before 10am;
For 3 Full Days, and fast from foods, but not water
You can fast in this way twice a year, or every month!

Get Rid of Toxins in Your Home: No matter how many great things you do in every other area, if you do not take care of this, you will not be able to succeed long-term. Toxicity in any environment sabotages all weight management efforts.

Address personal physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks:
Physically, if you are struggling with gut issues, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc, these must be eradicated, before you can achieve healthy fat reduction.
Emotionally, extra weight will keep returning, if you do not release emotional pain
Mentally, toxic stress levels will ensure fat is not released from the body
Spiritually, we are spirit beings trapped in a physical body, if your spirit is not in a good place, your physical body won’t be in a good place either.

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