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Viruses are not living creatures, like bacteria. They are simply RNA (Ribo- Nucleic Acid, or replicating nucleic acid), covered by a thin layer of lipid (fat). These particles can hang out in any surface, and be able to be “activated”, within varying amounts of time. All they need is the proper cellular environment (get inside of you), to start replicating. You cannot kill viruses. You destroy them, by dissolving or destroying the lipid layer. God has provided the immune system, to destroy all foreign invaders, including viruses. What it takes to stay healthy in these times, is to boost your immune system, period! The shame in these times, is that holistic medicine is not appropriately being included, because it is absolutely more effective than anything that is being used or attempted to be used! How is it that we are not employing the best of every discipline??

Viruses have been around, and will continue to stay around, forever. There is NOTHING as effective as the human immune system, to combat any viral disease, even when never before encountered. Vaccines are NOT the answer. If you are willing to move beyond the propaganda that Big Pharma has been pushing for decades, you will start having your eyes opened to what this is all about. But don’t take my word for it, please take some time to listen to one of the few, brave souls, who knows what he’s talking about! MIT Biologist, Dr. Shiva, MD.

Disregard the headline of this video, and listen for just 15 minutes, what this Biologist from MIT has to say…well worth your time! Click Here! If this is not the new reality you want, after this virus has come through, it’s time to make your voice heard!! Who watching this has any connection to the President? To Dr. Brix? To a company that can bring the case to the President?

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