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God Provides Health exists for the sole purpose of sharing up to date, research and science based information, alongside the most effective natural means available while glorifying God in the process!

Regardless of your faith affiliation, or lack thereof, this site has something great for YOU!  While we share information with an eye on Biblical perspective, if you will consider taking simply what you can use from here, this can be one of the most amazing resource sites you’ll ever come across!  We will always show you science based information, with a loving, non-judgemental, Christian point of view.  Take what you need from it, and leave the rest.  If you’re here for life-changing health and wellness information for body, and mind, you are at the right place!  If you are additionally searching for truth regarding the spirit and eternity, you will also find great encouragement on this site!  With all that said, here we go!

YOUR body is an incredible biological super-machine!  There is nothing else like it.  As humans, we cannot even grasp or comprehend the incredible miracle of life and function that we possess!  Our inner workings are taken care of by Trillions upon Trillions of cells and have exponentially more cellular activity than we can count!  Everything you are:  the wonder of YOU, your individuality, your brilliance and your cellular functioning is governed by YOUR choices:  what you eat, drink, breathe in, touch, see, hear and think about!  Every. Single. Thing. YOU. Do.

The knowledge you can gain from this site, when you apply it, can ROCK YOUR HEALTH and WELLNESS!

God has given me the gift and passion of a teacher, not only for medical knowledge and the ability to distill, integrate and share science-based information in an easy to understand way, but also to teach YOU how to be your own best healthcare provider! I hope to empower you to go deeper, and learn about your whole self.

No one else will EVER be able to take as much time or interest in your wellness, as you can.  The holistic approach teaches that health and wellness includes all aspects of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental parts of you… simply addressing physical symptoms will never get you to a good place health-wise.  It is my prayer that through the information I share with you, you will see and enjoy God’s perfect gift and provision of healing.  It’s there for you to take and enjoy.  If you want to know the fullness of what it means to be joyfully alive, keep searching for God, as you are doing life…if you honestly seek, He will show Himself to you!  That’s His promise, and He keeps it.

At God Provides Health we:

    • Are Christ-Centered (1 John 5:11-15)
    • Put others above ourselves (Philippians 2:3-2:11)
    • Share God’s love for you, by sharing His provision for Health and Wellness! (Ephesians 3:8-21)
      • Share the latest medical research (Ephesians 4:1-4:18)
      • Show the truth of the Bible, and its relevance to optimum health and wellness.
        (2 Timothy 3:16)
    • Love YOU, in action, no matter who you are, or your choices.
      (1 Corinthians 13:13)

We believe God is so much more than what anyone can comprehend, and we operate out of a place of love and understanding, choosing kindness and patience, as we are all broken people.  We hope this site meets your needs in some very unexpected ways!

We understand the wellness market, through natural products and means seems like an endless, expensive and confusing proposition.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I personally feel there are some deeply non-negotiable things when it comes to recommending or making products available to you.

The following is a list of all the things I have considered, for every product I mention or recommend to YOU:
That the products be…
*  Effective
*  Safe for use
*  Have the ingredients stated on label
Since 80% of products on the market do not have what they claim to, just because they are being sold at a store, does not mean they are safe, effective, or even honest in listing ingredients! I’ve researched and tried thousands of things.  You can either use my life experience, or take your own time and money to go through the same trial and error process it has taken me for the last 40 years.  😉
*  Sustainably grown and crafted:  win-win for people and environment
*  Grown, cultivated and processed with a deep understanding of Botany
*  Nutritionally and constitutionally of highest quality

That the companies creating or manufacturing these products be
shown to…
*  Care about customers, healthcare providers, business owners, distributors, those working the fields and the processing facilities, and how they impact entire communities.
*  Be Ethical and Moral in their business practices
*  Have Great customer service:  do things to their best and make things   right when things do go wrong.
*  Sustainable:  products that do not harm, and also increase the wellness   of  the environment!
*  Get deeply involved in their communities and the world, for positive   impact and change.

The only products you will find mentioned on this site meet ALL of those conditions.  It absolutely matters where you spend your money!  Your money supports how any company does business, and therefore, how any company impacts your community and your world.

You might also note that we are not junking up your visual field with annoying and distracting advertisements of any kind, so grab a cup of your favorite beverage, enjoy your visit, and read with complete peace!

God Provides Health is a Biblically-based, Christ-centered wellness community, which incorporates Biblical truth, but also brings the latest in science and research.

I’ve been successfully helping people become healthy and well since 2001.  I pursued and earned a Holistic Healthcare degree, graduating with Highest Honors, and officially opened the clinic in December of 2012.  Most services and consultations are available online.  While most of my peers in my field earn their income through consultations, I’d rather you use your hard earned income to get the actual products you need, to help yourself and your family.  My aim is to empower YOU to get to know how your body works, listen to what your body needs, and point you to resources that can help you on your journey.  So, spend your money on consultations for providers, or find information here, and purchase products you need from either myself, or other sources I mention.

With full disclosure and to that end, I have sought, affiliated and aligned my practice with only the most excellent healthcare and wellness companies available.  The products and companies I affiliate my clinic with and recommend have the integrity that every customer longs for!  It’s not that a certain natural ingredient “doesn’t work”.  It’s more that you probably haven’t tried one that actually has that ingredient in it (remember 80% of what is on the market is essentially false advertising), or whose business practices, farming or processing methods are detrimental to a clean, therapeutic, non-toxic, viable product that actually works as it should.

If you find something I’m recommending here, as long as you purchase it through the proper channels (yes, sadly all products are able to be tampered with, diluted, changed, or chemically altered and re-sealed, when not purchased directly from companies or business owners that have your health and wellness in mind), you should end up with some of the best, most effective products available.

No particular faith is required to use and enjoy the resources and the wellness community services.

Christ followers will simply be encouraged in their faith, and those seeking will be able to ask and learn, without judgement or pressure.

If you are purchasing my products, through me, you get me as part of your resource tools!  I aim to keep updating this site, in order to get you the latest and most viable information that will help YOU on your journey to wellness!  If you need further consultations, my fees are $55-$139, and I am family friendly and budget friendly. All my clients come to me through word of mouth.

I have a fantastic, completely non-invasive Balance BioScanner by Zyto Technologies, which is fully cleared by the FDA. This technology helps you get to the root of any health challenges you may want to address.

Additionally, since EVERY health challenge and illness has an emotional component to it, I have also invested in an emotional perception reframing tool called EVOX, which is truly changing the lives and health of people worldwide (for more info on EVOX, please click on EVOX tab). EVOX sessions are $75 per session, or $300 for 5 (when paid up front).  EVOX sessions are available throughout the country, but not many healthcare clinics provide this wonderful service.  Most other service providers using this technology charge between $150 and $350 per session.  Many people fly in to receive this service.  It is that good!

I also have invested in an incredible Human Touch massage chair…unlike any massage chair we’ve ever come across!  This provides a vast list of health benefits, including lymphatic drainage, circulatory health, relaxation of muscles, and even re-alignment of the body!

I believe highly in the Integrative, Functional approach to medicine. I will gladly work with and around the Conventional treatments you may have or are currently taking. I welcome getting to speak with your own doctor as well. I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor: a teacher. After a consultation and follow up, you will know the absolute best options available holistically, to address your health issues in just about every area of life!

If you are in the DFW area, I am happy to come to do health and wellness events at hospitals, clinics, spas, offices, or any space you would like to assemble a group of people needing to meet, or searching for particular healthcare solutions.

Use this website well…I share with you the absolute highest quality, and most effective brands available. No more buying all kinds of products that are hit or miss, and no more wasting your money!  This website provides you with all the basics and help you could use in your wellness journey!  Easy, simple, Done!

* A whole body, mind, emotion and spirit approach to your health.
* Zyto Balance Bioscan, to find root causes of health issues.
*  Brain Function resources to help increase functionality and change trajectory of usual medical prognosis.
* EVOX Perception Reframing sessions: if you are stuck in ANY area of your life, these sessions will positively impact personal, professional, and inter-relational issues in your life.
* Alternative, natural options to allow your body to heal properly (your body heals itself, but needs specific nutrients and removal of toxins to get that healing done) in full support of your journey to getting optimally healthy.
* Fastest Recovery and Repair resources for Athletes.
* Anti-aging
* Nutritional and supplemental Direction (helping you navigate) through the mountains of information, and getting to the most impactful and useful for YOU.
*Referral resources include: Counseling, Massage Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Fitness and finding a loving, non-judgmental Christian church for worship in the DFW area (these resources will expand, with time)

At this time, GPH is helping patients who are not local, cannot or choose not to come to the clinic, by having consultations over email or phone. Of course, seeing face to face will allow for a much greater understanding of your case, but I understand that this isn’t always possible.  The basics of health will always be first in addressing any of your health issues, as wellness and illness build upon themselves.

For locals to the DFW area: seeing clients by word of mouth only at this time. To make an appointment, please let us know who referred you. To email us click here Appointments are scheduled in the afternoons only.

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