How the Body Works!

Trillions of cellular activities are taking place in your body, every moment of every day you are alive. (For an amazing animation, brought by Harvard Biology department, check out the video link supplied under the “Recommended” page). That video depicts the intricate workings inside of one type of cell! You will find things being picked up, moved, “walked” around, replaced, displaced, copied, removed, planted, growing, and even dancing!! Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs make up organ systems, all coming together for your body to function. How well it functions depends mostly on YOU!

Cells MUST have specific MICRO nutrients, in fairly large quantities, in order to be able to perform all of these tasks. Micro nutrients are only found in fresh, raw fruits, veggies and whole grains, seeds and nuts. Most people do not eat anywhere near the necessary amount, quality, or types of foods needed to keep these cellular activities taking place at the pace needed. This causes cells to die prematurely, mutate, or stop working properly. In turn, this breaks down the proper function of tissues, organs, and organ systems. The higher the order of function, the longer it takes to see problems develop. However, illness and disease rests on either too many toxins, (what the body doesn’t need), and/or too few nutrients, and hydration of the cells.

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