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I do not advertise for a reason…I only work with patients who know me, or who have found me through one of my patients.

I must disclose the standard FDA disclaimer: by law, I cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Consult your physician prior to any use of any supplementation, or exercise program.

Like all great Holistic Healthcare providers, I have become an expert in a very narrow field of modalities. I have chosen my field of expertise to be essential oils and nutrition. I help patients address the body as a whole: body, mind and spirit. Holistic medicine teaches that when you give your body what it requires, it will heal itself!

My specialty is the health and wellness of women and children, although I’ve helped a large amount of men as well.

There are actually only two reasons for illness and disease in the body (barring birth issues): overexposure to toxic things that the body should not have, or underexposure to good things the body requires. When we address these two reasons, specific for what you are struggling with, your body will get back into balance, and experience health and wellness again (or maybe for the first time!)

When you come see me, you must already have a diagnosis or idea of what you are dealing with, and I will help you find answers to experience wellness.

Services I provide:

Essential oil therapies, including:
AromaDome: $20
Modified Raindrop, for body mind and spirit: $40-$80
(depending on time and oils used)
Shidohara: $65
Deep pore EO steaming: $30
Targeted EO applications: $20 and up, depending on oils used

Zyto Bioscan testing: $20
Bioscan interpretation: $50
Minor Consultation: $50
Regular or more involved cases: $139

Patient members will be able to find ongoing resources, through membership FAQ pages, at minimal costs.

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