Effective Cleansing/Detoxification of the Body

God recently convicted me of the direction my health was taking, as I was trying to minister to everyone else’s health, and forgetting about my own.  So, I started at the best new beginning:  detoxification.  My results are so great, I’ve been having many people asking me what I’m doing.  Here it is!

Health is a lifelong process, not an event.  There are many programs available that promise great detox, and come with a hefty price tag.  Some include very questionable ingredients, many contain ingredients that most people are simply unwilling to stomach. Great news!  Those potions, goops, and gross drinks are NOT required!!  Cleansing and detoxing is not only a required purposeful event you need to engage in at least 1-2 times per year (preferably once per season), but also daily, via lifestyle choices (eating, using natural, toxin-free products).  Here have been my personal favorites, which not only have worked the best, but also are more enjoyable and tasty than anything else I’ve tried.

Please note:  to the extent that you are willing to follow said protocols, will be to the extent that you will feel greater wellness, get rid of unwanted pounds, and feel AH-MAZING!!

Fasting:  it actually means going without food, or going without most food, not just going without one item.  This is to be done under the supervision of a doctor, especially if you have illness or disease of any kind.  And if you are on medications, especially MAOI’s, no matter what the doctor says, you are NOT to enter into a food fast!!  Having medications in your body, without food to properly metabolize them and decrease the impact on the body, is a recipe for disaster.  You can otherwise choose to fast for three days, 10 days, or longer.  The longer you fast, the more medical accountability you need.  You can do a liquid only fast, during this time, which is what I choose to do.  Starting with a 3 day fast (if you plan on fasting at all), is a great way to start.  Fasting is for the purpose of seeking physical wellness, as well as seeking God in spirit.  Prayer is an important part of fasting, as it allows your spirit to align with God’s for your life.  If you’ve never done this before, this can be a life-changing experience!  Yes, you WILL feel hungry…that’s actually part of the cleansing that helps you enormously!
1.  At least half your body weight in ounces of filtered water, daily.  (EX:  weight 100 lbs = 50 ounces of filtered water daily)
2.  Detoxifying teas, with lemon, ginger, etc., all day long
3.  Drinking Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes twice a day (has FOS:  fructooligosaccharides, and only dense nutrition, through whole food);
NingXia Red, and MindWise 
4.  Adding organ cleansing YL essential oils to all liquids.  Essential oils have a remarkable ability to penetrate your cell membranes, and break down toxins and undigested food!  Add savory YL oils to soups and while cooking, too!
5.  Intermittent fasting:  once finished with fasting (if you choose to do it), you can do intermittent fasting, daily.  Don’t eat past 6pm (ideal, but do your best), and then hold off the following day for breakfast, until 2-3 hours after you have woken up.
6.  Oil pulling:  I use Coconut oil (which starts off solid), and add a couple of drops of the YL citrus oils, or peppermint, and then start swishing it around in my mouth, for up to 10 minutes.  Do this once or twice a day.  You’ll have the best teeth and gums ever!
8.  Foods:  fresh, raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  Make them tasty, by making your own, easy but delicious dressings and dips. (no dairy).  Cook no more than 20% of your food intake.  If doing a liquid only detox, skip this part, until foods come back in.  Start learning to use your intuition, on what your body wants and needs, within the parameters of these foods.  Choose foods that have a pH alkaline EFFECT (not necessarily that they are alkaline when tested before eating!!  I will post what they are.)

Products I’m using for detoxing the body:

Medical Grade Probiotics:  Klaire Labs Complete or Saccharomyeces Boulardii;
Young Living Life9 ( To order, Click Here )

Juice Plus+ Complete shake:  Vanilla and Chocolate…More info?  Order?  Click Here

The following are Young Living products.  For more info, or ordering, please CLICK HERE
Add 1 drop of any of the Young Living Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, Peppermint, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, DiGize, JuvaCleanse, or Christmas Spirit blend.
DiGize blend and/or JuvaCleanse blend and Copaiba over stomach and liver, with hot compress.
Digest and Cleanse capsules:  can also use Essentialzymes or Essentialzymes4.
ComforTone  Info or order for the last three items?
NingXia Red:  1-2 ounces per day
MindWise:  start with 2 Tablespoons daily, for 7 days, and then 1 Tablespoon daily as part of your lifestyle change, for better brain function!  It’s amazing!!

There are also specific cleansing programs, (and portions of those cleanses that you can add to this basic one, to customize/tailor to your needs), which target specific needs, such as Colonic Cleansing, Heavy Metal Cleansing, Liver Cleansing, Parasite Cleansing, and GI Cleansing/Gut Healing. (Check my blog on different Cleansing programs)

Please NOTE:  if you want to truly detox, you MUST detoxify your entire home as well, so you are not wrecking all your efforts!! Where do YOU have toxic chemicals lurking?  Go through every part of your house, and every cabinet.  Check labels… I will write an article on what to look for, as you are doing your whole home detox!!


Restoring Alkalinity

Test your pH at home, using the litmus paper strips you can get a natural food stores, online, or at some drugstores or pharmacies.  If BELOW 7.0…

  1. Avoid yeast and fungus promoting foods, including:
    Dairy (doesn’t include eggs)
    Bready/yeasty products (gluten)
  2. Consume fructooligosaccharides (FOS), from foods (Some food replacement shakes have these…Google foods that have these)
  3. Lower Stress Levels
  4. Avoid use of antibiotics:  they kill the good, and increase resistance of the bad
  5. Use specific essential oils, known for their harmonizing effects in the body
  6. Increase intake of Alkaline Minerals:  AlkaLime, MegaCal, SuperCal, Mineral Essence, and JuvaPower or JuvaSpice (for salads and cooking)
  7. Add great Probiotics, daily:  Life9, Klaire Labs/Prothera Complete, or SB

Symptoms of Excess Internal Acidity

Your health is linked to body, mind, emotions and spirit.  One thing affects another, and a lack of function in one area, tissue, organ or organ system, will affect one or more other tissues, organs or organ systems.

Symptoms of Excess Internal Acidity:
Blood sugar imbalances
Constipation or Diarrhea
Fatigue/Low energy
Low resistance to illness/lowered immune system
Overweight/ hard to lose weight
Rectal and/or Vaginal itching
Unexplained aches and pains
Urinary Tract Infections

Ideal pH for human blood is between 7.4 and 7.6.  Measures BELOW 7.0 are considered acidic, and create an environment in which fungi and yeast can grow out of control.  When they grow out of control, their waste products produce toxins (mycotoxins), believed to be the root of many illnesses and diseases, via causing inflammation.  Mycotoxins and their resulting inflammation, are believed to play a part in many very scary diseases, including cancer.

Signs that Your Liver needs to Detox NOW!!

These signs can show a serious overload in your liver, and you need to detox your liver on a regular daily and seasonal cycle, if you want a happy day, and a long life of wellness!

Overweight, with inability to lose fat
Sudden, unexplained weight loss
Loss of appetite
Abdominal bloating after eating
Excessive gas
Poor and inadequate/unfinished digestion
Bad breath
Coated/white/pasty feeling tongue, when fasting from food
Sluggish metabolism
Gallbladder problems
High cholesterol
Sugar cravings
Hormonal Imbalances
Mood and behavior swings/unpleasant moods
Excessive body heat
Sensitivity to medication
Daily medication intake
Daily alcohol consumption
Frequent/continued fatigue
Frequent headaches or migraines
Forgetfulness, poor concentration, or disturbed sleep
Lowered immune system function
Frequent colds, fevers and mucus
Fatty liver
High blood pressure
Chemical intolerance
Easy/unexplained bruising and bleeding
Portal vein hypertension (causing all kinds of other pain/health issues/headaches)
Varices (distended veins)
Intense itching
Oily skin
Skin blemishes

Decadent Peppermint Hot Chocolate Layer Mix

Make this for gifts of all kinds! Especially well received for Christmas!!

In honor of our Dallas area weather finally getting cold, here is the most delicious hot chocolate mix I’ve come across:

I make these, and give as gifts, use myself, and sell for Christmas Gifting Events!

1 quart mason jars or divide recipe in half, for pint sized mason jars!
Layer your ingredients in this order:(use a paper funnel)
1 cup Organic, unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup Organic Cane Sugar
1/2 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt
7 drops YL brand Peppermint essential oil (do NOT use other brands of essential oils!!)
1/2 cup mini semi sweet chocolate chips
About 1 cup mini marshmallows (fill rest of jar to top with marshmallows)

Make pretty label to include instructions for the receiver of the gift! (Tie onto jar with pretty ribbon)
Mix entire contents of jar in a bowl.
For each serving, place 1/4-1/3 mix in a mug, and stir in 1 cup of hot milk of your choice.
(Unsweetened coconut, cashew, almond, rice, soy or cow’s milk)
Return unused contents back into mason jar, for storing!

The Coconut Oil Miracle

eo-coconut-oil-miracleAs a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I get to share safe, effective, natural resources with my patients, which make a huge difference in health and wellness. Coconut oil is one of those big ones! When it comes to coconut oil and good therapeutic essential oils, the question of what can they do is virtually limitless!

Since I do not sell coconut oil, I’m completely at liberty to tell you what it is definitely known to address, and how to take it!

While I’ve been teaching this for years, I find it much more fun to be able to point to a published book, which will also contain references on information given. In the book titled The Coconut Oil Miracle, by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., you will find a treasure of information on why and exactly how this performs its miracles. Here I’ll only share the highlights…and before we start, let me say this: God has created plants in order to address ALL our health and wellness needs. Whether you decide to use conventional means or not, always consider using traditional, time-tested and proven natural remedies at least alongside the conventional treatments…and should you choose to use only safe, effective natural remedies, you may end up enjoying a level of wellness you had no idea was possible!

With Organic, first cold-pressed Coconut oil you can:
Strengthen your Immune system
Reduce Inflammation
Lose extra pounds
Beautify Skin and Hair
Heart Disease
(by healing arterial walls, removing plaque,lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol)
Cancer (by destroying the outer coating of invading bodies)
and Diabetes (by helping normalize blood sugar)
Kill off germs: viruses, bacteria, and parasites included…no matter where they are residing
(especially if they are residing internally in any part of the body)
Soothe gastro-intestinal issues
Clean out GI tract
Brighten teeth
Detoxify the body
Normalize skincare conditions
Help brain function by nourishing the nervous system (numerous Alzheimer and Parkinson applications as well)

If you were to add specific, ingestible essential oils to your coconut intake and application, you would experience an even better outcome for vibrant health and wellness! But for now, back to coconut oil…

How to use it:
2 Tablespoons in the morning, 2 Tablespoons at night
Take straight up, slather on toast, waffles or pancakes, add to meals, hot drinks, oatmeal, soups, and smoothies
Cook with it (in addition to taking the 4 total Tablespoons per day)
Do Oil Pulling with it
Make great beauty, hair and skincare products with it (and toss out your toxic junk)

Use this great little miracle DAILY! Replace all your other refined oils with it. See the difference you will be able to feel!

Get Your Energy UP!!

GPH Energy Drinks

This image horrifies me! Yet I see people of all ages drinking these cans of “energy”…even some otherwise “healthy” individuals post about not only drinking these sugar and caffeine bombs, but actually do it to “boost” their exercise program! We need to redefine health in this country. Health is when every part of your body functions in the way it should, and when you look and feel your very best…that means every cell is doing its job, and every tissue, organ, and organ system is doing exactly what it was created to do: keep you from getting gravely ill, help you recover quickly, and have many more days of good than bad.

One tell-tale sign of good health is a good amount of daily energy: what you need to do well throughout your day. How to get your best energy?

Prayer and Meditation: you only exist because and through Father God, creator of all…we
don’t even get to take a single breath without Him…call on Him for everything!!
Spend time with God, checking/adjusting your purpose daily

Purposeful living: you were created for a specific purpose…when you are not fulfilling
that purpose, or when you are not feeling loved, your energy levels can sink dangerously low.

Sleep: get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, daily

Food: needs to come not merely in form of calories,but in form of dense nutritional value,
which translates to fresh raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds

Cellular bio-availability: this is what allows the body to turn what it gets into something
useful…and it requires all of the above.

Hydration: NOTHING can get done, without proper hydration; 1/2 your body weight in ounces,

Detoxification: you may be sensitive or allergic to foods, compounds, chemicals,
environmental factors, or animals, and as your body tries to deal with that, your energy
levels will go way down! This includes toxicity of negative emotions and mental thought

When your energy is depleted, you are likely depleted in one of the first six areas, and possibly not well versed in the seventh area, OR, your body may be fighting some low-lying illness, OR, as a woman, you may be pregnant.

A low-lying illness or disease can literally be anything, but more often than not, it is a bacteria, virus or parasite, which is sapping the strength of your body. When your body is sending in the soldiers to fight the invading microbes, all other systems need to be slowed down, to conserve energy for the body’s recovery.

When you are really unhealthy, this process can literally take you down and out for the count. When you have been taking in great nutrition, this can seem more of a mystery. As an example, people taking Juice Plus+ will rarely have full blown symptoms of any kind, so it is much harder to “diagnose”, or decipher what may be happening. While there is a certain comfort in figuring out an exact cause, it’s often elusive. So what you can spend your time, money and energy on, is caring for your body to get back to optimum health and wellness, instead!

On the HOW:

I will skip prayer, meditation, purposeful living, and sleep, as I will surely go into more detail on those in other posts. On food, it must be densely nutritious, mostly plant-based, in as much variety and as raw and fresh as possible. Organic, when possible, and non-GMO at all times. Sparingly on meat. Removing cow’s milk, and substituting plant milks ASAP! Gluten is often a trigger of a variety of health issues, so imperative to stay away for an entire 30 days at a time…and shoot for 120 days total, before you have even one more bite, to see how it affects you. This means get rid of breads, cookies, crackers, etc…and this means don’t try to get the gluten-free versions, while you are trying to get your energy to return.

For things to be bio-available at a cellular level, your digestive tract must be in great shape…you must have a good probiotic gut balance, and you must be digesting large amounts of enzymes and minerals. You MUST get on a good, whole-food based nutritional support system, (I only recommend Juice Plus+), add minerals (Young Living brand of Mineral Essence), Enzymes (Complete Shake from Juice Plus+), and add Sulfur to your daily regimen: it allows for cells to garner and use the energy that is being harvested from plant food.(Young Living brand of Sulfurzyme).

Proper hydration will make all things work correctly…make sure it is filtered, and that you don’t fall behind in drinking what you need, daily! For many people, this one change can have a huge impact on their energy!

Detoxification MUST be a part of your lifestyle…and for physical toxicity, it includes testing yourself by purposefully staying away from things you wonder may be causing you issues, and then introducing them back…if they are a problem for you, you will know right away! Detoxification is a by-product of daily healthy choices, but can and must be willfully engaged by clearing out toxic issues for you, as well as learning how to use foods, and essential oils to facilitate detoxification.

One kind of toxicity that most people never address, is emotional toxicity and mental negativity. Whether from within yourself, or due to the brokenness of others, we need to detox DAILY! This is the toughest one of all…when you feel beaten down, or discouraged, or anxious, or depressed, or like you don’t matter, it can literally suck the life energy out of you. This again requires its own post. But finding a way to deal with this particular kind of toxicity is essential, and everyone is susceptible to building up toxicity in this area, because it is so neglected!

If you love your body, and want it to work well for a long time to come, please make sure you never touch any of those so-called energy drinks on the market. If you want to boost your energy properly, and in a healthful way, do the great things I shared in this article, and you will see some marked improvements!

Confessions of an Angry Heart

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” James 5:16

When is the last time YOU truly confessed what you’ve been up to? Confession is not just for the most heinous crimes, it is for the everyday issues, and little offenses that you have brought on to others…but when left unconfessed, these grow, fester, and get out of control.

We think we don’t really need to confess, or that it’s useless to confess, but there could be nothing further from the truth! Confession means you are in agreement that what you did, said or thought, was wrong…that you hurt someone, or did something that was not appropriate…and this does include in the realm of thoughts and emotions….because they actually impact others in ways we cannot imagine.

I get my values and my direction from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So it is easy to know right away when I’ve done something I should not have…for a Christ follower, the question becomes: are you willing to obey (bow down) to God’s will? His will is for YOU to seek and find forgiveness, and for YOU to flourish…for YOUR relationships to grow and positively impact the world in His name, and for His glory! But that cannot happen without deep and true confession and repentance…as in, you dig up and expose, to agree that you have done wrong, ask for forgiveness, and then you show true repentance in turning away from continuing to do so!

Today I had a wonderful family meeting…and it wasn’t easy, but I had to confess…my confession was that it was wholly inappropriate for me to yell at my kids at any time (yet I’d been doing it for years). It is wrong…parents can try to justify it any way they want to, but yelling, screaming, and fits of anger are not godly, and they are not to be the go-to reaction when things don’t go our way. It’s the human reaction, to be sure, but when we have the power of God in us to do differently, we are to live in that power.

What was it that had hung me up for all these years, to simply confess, AND repent? Oh, I’ve gotten MUCH better over the years, to be sure…but that’s really not what God asks of us…He doesn’t ask for degrees of change, HE is Complete change…as in His power in us can and does change a person completely…yet it is up to us to lay down our way, and pick up His way. I thought merely wanting to be different would do it…nope! Wishing it…nope! Hoping it…nope! So, while I kept getting “better” (not as loud, not as often, not over every little thing), my basic reaction didn’t show the power of Christ in me.

How do I know that it will be different from now on? Because I have set aside the things that have been hindering my ability to stop myself from going past the point of no return. The biggest things that hinder us lie in our mind, our spirit, and our emotions! Address the root cause of where the breakdown is, and there will be healing and change!

You see, my anger had its root somewhere, but until recently I had not put it together. My anger always surfaced when I felt unheard, disrespected, or not listened to. While I’m not alone in wishing my parents would have been a little more involved emotionally and more hands-on, they really could not be to blame for the reactive anger that kept surfacing every time there was a situation in which I felt unheard, disrespected or not listened to. In God’s goodness, He orchestrated that I attend a Domestic Abuse class, centered on how essential oils can help overcome the pattern of abuse and emotional reactiveness. It took me several weeks for the information to saturate my whole being. Then I remembered how my mom had told me that she had dropped me off at her sister’s home, right after I was born, and did not see me again until I was 18 months old. It just so happened that my aunt lived in a domestic violence environment…with a husband that beat her to near death on several occasions, and also caused loss of hearing in one of his sons, through the force of a blow…just to name the highlights.

At the class we were taught about something called “cellular memory”… this is the body storing negative emotions in cells. Then every time the same situation pops up, the body instinctively recalls and plays the negative emotions felt during the time of trauma, and it kicks in automatically. Before you know it, you have done or said something that you regret…and you don’t even know how or why. That makes me think of the Scripture Paul talks about on doing things that he doesn’t want to do, yet not doing the things he wants to do…now that fell more into place not as a pattern of sheer sinfulness, but as a pattern of emotional bondage to cellular memory!

Clear that cellular memory, and you are ready to move on and have real, transformative change!!

BTW, until and unless you clear it from your cells, it actually gets passed on through your DNA, to the next generation! And guess what? Science now has “discovered” (I have to laugh at this, because God’s Word has been telling us for thousands of years) that the sins of the father/mother will be visited to the third and fourth generation, via DNA!!

How do you clear that cellular memory effectively, you ask…that will be another post, soon!!

Brain Health: Self Help for Migraines!

Stay on a path of health, with brain and nervous system wellness!!

Please keep a journal, where you write any migraine episodes, and start piecing together what triggers it, and what things you did immediately before, or at timeframes that I mentioned (some reactions to different stimuli take longer than others…so food can take 4-12 hours (but can take as little as one hour, when you are highly sensitive to something…and you’ll have to become a detective)…but it will be so worth it, to find the root causes, and eliminate migraines from your life!!

I. Proper hydration in most cases, this is the main answer, especially if migraines tend to take place in summer or heat! The brain requires a LARGE amount of water to function properly. We are 75% water…When brain is starved of necessary hydration, imagine it shriveling up, and being squeezed out of all moisture, during hot heat of summer…as it is being squeezed of all needed water, the result is horrific pain… take 30 days at a time, to test this…set aside the total amount of ounces of filtered water you would need daily, and drink from it all day. You should be done with the container, before going to bed! ½ your weight in ounces of water (at least).
Ex: 100lbs = 50 ounces of filtered water
Add 1-3 drops detoxifying YL essential oils to every glass of water, for added benefits!
Only use glass or stainless steel, when adding oils to water. Oils eat through petrochemicals (plastic). These oils are cleared for oral consumption by the FDA, GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). Please be advised that most other brands on the market warn not for internal consumption!! I would NEVER ingest other brands of oils!!!
Lemon, Orange, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, etc…


Do NOT use fractionated, isolated vitamins…they are proven not only to not be helpful, but often be harmful…the body doesn’t know what to do with megadoses of isolated, synthetic nutrients. God created all plants for our health and wellness, and they have very small amounts of tens of thousands of nutrients, all working synergistically together, to provide exact needs for our bodies in the nutritional and detoxification areas…for body, mind and spirit! Man extracts single constituents from plants, synthetically manufactures a chemical version, and puts in capsules or liquid, in huge quantities. The result is NOT GOOD!! ALL nutrients are needed to work together for our good! Ditch the mega-vitamins, and go with Whole food supplementation!!

Nutritional Supplementation:
Only Whole food support system I have found to have and do what it says:
Juice Plus+. Have questions? Let me know…I have it available!! FREE for children 4 and over, with each paying adult!! For more information, or to order, CLICK HERE
You’ll want to get at least the Vineyard blend…for best nutritional support, you’ll want the Juice Plus+ Trio!

Enzymes: The body cannot produce these, you MUST eat them!! That means you MUST eat plenty of plants-based foods, as close to how God creates them as possible!! (JP+ helps bridge the gap, but you still have to eat fresh, raw fruits and veggies daily, in variety). Start with Detoxzyme, or try Essentialzymes4 from Young Living.

Most health issues can be traced to lack of minerals…to add more…
Mineral Essence (tastes horrible, but you can hide it in other things, and it does the job!)
NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro: Made with one of the most nutritionally dense berries on earth: the NingXia Woolfberry!  Again all of these are from YL.  I like one stop shopping.  Keeps it simple and so much easier!

Top Brain foods:
Whole Grains, Oily Fish, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Blackcurrants, Pumpkin seeds (and other seeds, such as Chia, etc…) , Broccoli and other cruciferous, green and leafy veggies, Sage, Nuts, Olives, Asparagus, etc…

Brain requires Omega fatty acids, found in fish…most people won’t, can’t or don’t eat fatty fish regularly… Omega-Gize and other supplements are available to help bridge the gap.  Juice Plus+ has a  (Contact me for more information)

Brain requires for gut to be in balance. If probiotics are out of line, so is overall health, and it definitely impacts migraine suffering! Probiotics in yogurt are not the answer. For first 3-6 months, must consider taking daily, and using medical grade brands…contact me for best available.

Essential Oils:
Made from plants, and able to help with proper neurological function (and all other systems of the body)
Peppermint, Lavender, Di-Gize, Deep Relief, or Frankincense (On area of concern, and over belly)
Lemon, Orange, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, etc… (in water)

Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Rose, Idaho Blue Spruce, Peace and Calming, Harmony, Valor, RutaVaLa
(On area of concern, around nose, behind neck, and diffuse).

For any further detail information, or to order essential oils, please contact me!

Carrot and celery
Carrot, beet, cucumber
Carrot, celery, spinach, parsley

Supplements mentioned:

Click Here, to Contact, OR to Order
Juice Plus+ Click HERE, to see JP+ Research
If you’d like to know how to get your child/grandchild product for FREE, please contact me on email above!
Mineral Essence
NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro
Young Living Essential Oils

Yes, I make all of these things available through my practice, because these are the things that help people get on the road to health and wellness!

Healing for His Glory, Maria Bemont, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Brain Health…Root Causes of Migraines!!

Debilitating, some of the most horrible pain one can imagine to endure.
Commonly described Symptoms: lightheadedness, throbbing pain on one side or part of head, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, hot and cold flashes,hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Warning symptoms, or auras, for a few minutes before experiencing pain…to avert, act quickly!! Warning Symptoms Include: blurred vision
muddled thinking
numbness or tingling on one side of body or head

Usually severe and localized on one side of the head, involving temple and eye

BEST practice is to prevent at all costs!

Important to find the ROOT CAUSE…it does not stand alone (all migraines have a cause). Treating symptoms will not stop recurrence, finding root cause and addressing it, will!!!

Most migraines are response to underlying metabolic, structural, and/or emotional imbalances.

Most Migraines: (In order of importance and how to track it down…)
Root causes:
Chronic dehydration (drinking less than ½ body weight in ounces of water, daily)
Lack of needed/necessary nutrients
Exposure to toxicity (chemicals in form of personal care, shampoos, colognes, perfumes, cleaners, laundry care, disinfectants, dusters, furniture or wood polishes, chemicals in processed foods, or chemicals in sprayed produce, air fresheners, paints, asbestos or other fine powdered, fibrous exposure of any kind (skin or breathing in); mega-doses of synthetic, fractionated,isolated vitamins (includes most vitamins on the market)
Food allergies
Hormonal changes
Stress (physical and emotional)

Most painful
Excruciating pain concentrated around the eye
Accompanied by tears, facial flushing and nasal congestion
Sharp, intense pain for few hours, subsides, then returns
Can last few weeks to several months
Some people feel like banging their head against wall, to alter sensation (do not do this)
Find trigger points in nerves from neck to head, to do self-help therapy

Begins in back of neck, spreads outward, dull, throbbing pain.
Root causes:
Buildup of metabolic wastes, due to poor diet, constipation or other digestive problems.
Lack of nutrition, enzymes, probiotics, etc…
Stress (difference between how things are and how you wish they were).
In particular, linked to emotional stress
Physical stress (overexertion)
Poor posture
Spinal Misalignment

Usually constant. Due to muscle contraction and nerve compression.

*Vascular Irregularities:
Root cause:
Alternating constricting and expanding of arteries in head exert pressure on nerves and causes sharp pain.
Lack of nutrition

Root causes:
Eating, breathing in, touching, or applying any substance that body has sensitivity or allergy to.
Poor digestion
Yeast overgrowth
Dysbiosis (lack of probiotics)
Enzyme Deficiencies (Enzymes are needed to process foods properly. Enzymes come from food: body cannot produce them on its own! Whole food nutrition is required.)

Will present itself 4-12 hours after eating, breathing, touching or wearing offending substance

Detox, find offending substance, and eliminate it from lifestyle
Takes patience
Requires more time for body to return to normal function

Root causes: head, neck and spine injuries; can occur immediately, or months after injury

Daily and relentless

Root causes:
Jaw and dental stress, jaw misalignment (also happens during Ortho treatments)
Infected teeth
Mercury amalgam poisoning
Faulty bridges
Teeth Grinding
Jaw clenching

Pain is focused in the mouth or in front of and behind the ear on one or both sides of the jaw.

Root causes:
Long periods of focused visual work on computer, or reading in poor light
Chronic stress: not learning to let go, or process stress positively
Spinal or musculoskeletal misalignment

Root cause:
Inflamed Sinuses
Lack of nutrients

Gnawing, painful pressure, swelling/tenderness in sinuses, loss of sense of smell

Root cause:
Caffeine and medication withdrawal

Strikes within 12-24 hours, peaking at 48 hours, disappearing gradually over several days, unless substance reintroduced.

Root cause:
During or immediately after physical exertion (lifting, running, etc…)

Brief and throbbing, can be extreme and frightening

*Organic: Most serious…need to be ruled out when dealing with long-term Migraines!
Root Causes:
Brain tumors
Swollen or diseased blood vessels
Brain infections, etc…

Come on suddenly, can include seizures (but not necessarily), projectile vomiting, speech or personality changes, walking difficulty, increasing pain.
***Consult doctor immediately, if any of these symptoms present.

Some Quick Fixes/Self Help for GREAT Brain Health:
1. Prevent development! By good daily dietary and lifestyle changes
a. Eat good diet with mostly fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts
b. Add Juice Plus+ nutritional support: capsules AND Complete Shake
c. Drink ½ body weight in filtered water, DAILY!! Keep fully hydrated at ALL times, especially during hot and sunny days!!!
d. Learn to de-stress!! Whatever causes you emotional and mental pain or tiredness, de- stress by prayer, deep breathing, time-outs, exercise, walking, or going into your quiet place.
e. Use YL essential oils that help you relax. Effective for daily use as well.
f. Self-massage on back of neck (see instructions below)
g. Progressive Relaxation Technique (see instructions below)

2. Start additional therapies as soon as you know your triggers are coming on!!
a. Immediately drink 8-12 ounces of water, at least! (up to 24 ounces is best)
b. Alkalanize your body…Alka-Lime or Bicarbonate soda in water (Stay away from acid- producing foods or treats!! Sugar is acid-producing)
c. Apply essential oils ASAP!! Use only Young Living brand:
Peppermint, Lavender, Di-Gize, Deep Relief, or Frankincense
Apply oils: on area of concern, behind neck, and around and on earlobes.
Learn accupressure points on hands, feet, and ears. Use oils in conjunction with accupressure, and body will make connection, and each successive application, it will work better and faster!
d. Self-massage: cradle back of your neck with your hand and squeeze gently, slowly rolling your head in a circle. Release for a few moments, then squeeze neck again, slightly increasing pressure. Repeat squeezing and releaseing 20 times. Then, using your fingertips, press into any areas in your neck and shoulders that are sore or tender, moving your arms and shoulders in a gentle, rhythmic motion. Continue this for several minutes, until pain fades. Doing these exercises periodically throughout the day, will often prevent migraines from recurring. Ask friend or family member to help.

This can be done preventatively (daily, when all is well), as well as for added therapeutical acute care.

e. Progressive Relaxation technique: Lie down or lean back in comfortable place, quiet room, with subdued light. Use 2-3 drops of YL relaxation oil on palm of hand, rub palms together, cup over mouth and nose, then take ten slow, deep breaths, taking a little longer to breathe out than you take to breathe in. Ideal timing is 5-6 second full inhalation, and 7-8 second full exhalation. This starts the relaxation process. Beginning with your feet, clench muscles and toes tightly for two seconds, then release. Then tighten muscles in your calves, and relax. Repeat this process for the rest of your body: quads, bottom, abdomen, chest, hands, lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, neck jaw, eyes, and finally muscles of the face. Next, yawn several times, then squeeze your eyes open and shut, taking another ten deep breaths. Notice how much more relaxed you are. Continue breathing, allowing relaxation to grow stronger. Then resume your regular activities. You can do this alongside prayerful meditation, inviting God into your healing process.

f. Hydrotherapy: hot baths, saunas, heat and steam baths all reduce tension by increasing blood circulation! Use ½ cup Epsom salt, add 6-7 drops YL essential oils, and drop into as hot a bath as you can…do NOT burn yourself. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Get out of bath, towel up from head to toe (probably need a helper), and crawl under covers for 15-20 minutes. Towel off or quickly shower off any sweat. Use YL relaxing essential oils after toweling off. This therapy also effective in heading off migraines.