What are YOU Here For???

…A question just about everyone has or will ask themselves…it is one of the highest questions one must answer, for so much is riding on the answers you believe to be true about this question!

Eternity hangs on the balance, true, but if you aren’t into waiting for the pie in the sky (as many people are), then I submit to you, that God is working in and through you, in order to prepare you and have you change in the here and now…so, have Steak on the Plate, while you wait!

Whether you are a Christ follower already, or not, this article is for YOU! God gives us family and friends, as well as allows situations to happen, in order to change our inner being, and to change our outward actions. He’s doing it to draw YOU to Himself. Whether you know it or not, you are being tested and refined. Some of you are taking way longer than you need to, on the same issues! Are you prone to… depression?(outward things getting you down) anger? (reactions of it or rage) hopelessness? (the go to of being ready to give up) rebellion? (not being willing to take on the assignment God has for you) anxiety? (being unwilling to surrender to what God is putting you through)…Which is YOUR go to? It’s an indication of what needs to change!

And what needs to change is YOU! I’m not off the hook here…what needs to change is ALL of us!! God is forming a most intricate and amazing quilt, by weaving the lives of people together. Your children, your parents, your spouse, your friends, and all people that come in contact with you…every single one of them are there to change you, and refine you, for one purpose only: to glorify God!

So you have people in your life that “make you mad”, or situations that “make you feel anxious”, or constant issues that cause you to want to give up or rebel? It’s NOT the other person’s fault! You aren’t reactively angry, or depressed or anxious or hopeless or rebellious because your child, spouse, friend, stranger has done or said something…you are reactively living in that place because of YOU! And you are going to continue getting and seeing those same things play out in your life, until and unless you get to a place where you actually lay down your life…your own ways, to pick up those of Christ. However, you will have to do the hard work of getting to the root cause of your go to behaviors!

You won’t get this, if you aren’t already a Christ follower: that’s OK, my only prayer for you is that you will continue to seek and ask to find truth, because God WILL show it to you! For those of you who are Christ followers, please understand what an amazingly huge key this is in your life!! You are to be a light to others…different from the rest of the world, for one purpose only: to show Jesus to the world! This means ESPECIALLY amongst those who know you best! YOU are the testimonial that Jesus is real…so, IS HE TO YOU??? Are you worshiping Him, or without realizing, worshiping something of the world? Could you have been processing things from a worldly perspective, without realizing it? Do things of this world trap you? Many Christians will have a gut, churchy answer: “Of course not!” Really? Do you put cares and emotional expense in money? or education? or cleanliness? or secular grading practices of any kind? (your children’s grades, or your own grades in school, how and who moves up at work, how your kids act in front of others, how a friend or a spouse compares to someone else, how people see or judge your work, etc…). Does your own performance or your spouse’s or your children’s in these areas cause a negative emotional reaction in you? While there is nothing inherently wrong with “looking good”, there is something very wrong with having those things define your actions and your words to yourself and to others! God doesn’t care one wit about these things…yet we allow these things to destroy our testimony to those closest to us…and guess who is leading the way on that? Our Enemy, Satan!!

He loves nothing more than to put you in a place of anything but joy…so that God cannot be glorified in your actions or words. It’s as simple as that. And if you seek to please the Lord, and be a light to others, including your children, spouse, family, friends, and even strangers, please remember this: it doesn’t matter what beautiful and correct words you speak in sharing Biblical quotes, or how vast a knowledge you have stored in your understanding, it only matters what is visible to others…your attitudes, your actions, your reactions, and your responses.

You can talk a good God talk all day long, but in the end, if you receive word of something that you don’t like, no matter what it is, or if you see something you don’t like, no matter what it is, and you do not react or respond in love, you are not being Christ to others, you are not showing mercy and grace, and you are not glorifying Him in any way.

The good news is: it’s all up to YOU, and whether you are willing to surrender to God’s ways, or keep turning to the same ways that have tripped you up, and wasted your time with anything negative…yep, if it isn’t love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control, you’ve not shown Christ, and you’ve been unknowingly following the ways of the World and of your enemy, who as John 10:10 shows, “…comes only to kill, steal, and destroy”…you, and those you come in contact with! The one thing that you MUST know about this, is that even though it is all up to you, YOU must do the hard work of getting rid of the root cause of your negative go to actions and words…that will be my next blog!

Until then, friends…as soon as you feel stress or negative stuff come bubbling up, if you are a Christ follower, take a time out, and seek Him, BEFORE you tear into the person or the issue…it’s probably not even worth getting bent out of shape! It’s a test! And the only way to pass it, is to choose Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. You really need to keep saying that to yourself…this is what separates human action and reaction from a godly one!

BTW, if you are that person who sits there and says, “yeah, but, there’s nothing wrong with …, and there is a time and place for everything” my questions to you are these: how does your BUT fit into the fruit of the Spirit, and how has it served you in any way before? And, in what way is your stress or anger towards that which God deems important? (Righteous anger is only that dealing with issues that God hates, not issues of personal comfort or personal preferences). Remember, you can present ANYTHING and deal with ANYTHING negative, in a loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled manner…if that’s not happening, that’s NOT showing Christ in you, and that’s NOT glorifying Him whom you serve! And saying mean, hurtful, judgmental or upsetting words or showing disapproval or displeasure by gritting your teeth, and saying it in a seemingly “controlled manner”, does not cut it as fitting into any of the fruit of the spirit categories…not even self-control.

You know you are glorifying God most, when things are not going your way, yet your go to is the fruit of the spirit. That is the joy of the Lord manifested in the here and now…Steak on the Plate, while you wait…and for those not Christ followers, do not let other’s actions who claim to be Believers trip you up…seek God yourself…He will reveal Himself to YOU…He will make your path straight…YOUR personal walk with Him will be one of the greatest adventures you will ever be on in this life, and the next!!

The first picture is an outward image of our own way. The last picture is an outward image of God’s way…may we help each other get and stay on the right path!
GPH Dad getting angryGPH Patience quoteGPH Loving dad

According to the Doctors…

According to the doctors, my mom should’ve died long ago (she’s 82). She had a brain tumor when she was 20 (they stuck her in a cold, dark room, and radiated her with Cobalt…all of the other patients this was done to did die). She was supposed to go blind in her early 20’s (she prayed and gave her most precious possession up in faith, by placing it on a statue of Jesus’ mother, Mary). She has had high blood pressure and high cholesterol for every test she’s ever taken (180/110 or more on blood pressure, and close to 300’s for cholesterol), yet she’s refused all man-made medications for altering those numbers (did I mention she’s 82?)

U.S. Doctors are awesome at patching us up when we are in acute and emergency care…bleeding, something broken, or a major accident of some kind, or even surgery…take me to ER right now! Or if you want a diagnosis for what you may be dealing with (Just know ahead of time that you will spend lots of time and money on getting a fancy Latin word for the exact symptom you are experiencing.) But honestly, for everything else, if it is an illness, or a disease that requires your body to be doing its job, in order for you to be healthy and well…anything having to do with long-term or chronic issues, or where the body is somehow failing in, they simply don’t have an answer. They don’t need to, because alternative medicine certainly does step in and pick up where modern medicine simply cannot tread! And of course, here is where God, in all His glory, has shown Himself faithful and true by providing us with amazing things for our health and well-being. We don’t even know the half of it (or really, a minuscule part of it).

True healing has to consider the whole person, body, mind and spirit, when dealing with any ill health issues. And no matter what your supposed diagnosis from regular doctors, you can be about the business of finding alternative solutions to what ails you!

Back to my mom’s story: we cannot discount God’s amazing provision for health in the plants that He created as our food. They are so much more than that! We cannot discount His miraculous healing power, even in the face of impossible odds. And we cannot discount the power of our own belief and faith in the whole process.

No one can contain how God chooses to give mercy and grace, even in the face of whatever grim information a doctor may be sharing with you.

Part of health is certainly a faith component. May God bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as you seek Him!

Core Premises for Optimum Health and Wellness!

Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs

Only two things cause illness and disease:
*Lack of necessary nutrients
*Too much toxicity
God creates a fabulous immune system, and we mess it up!
God created the perfect fuel and healing solutions for our bodies in plants!
You must take responsibility for your own health…stop blaming anything and anyone else!
You are not bound by the DNA you’ve been given, though you may start off with more issues, your body can improve over time.
No matter how bad your health may be, you can get on the road to health NOW!
Anyone can achieve optimum health and wellness.
Optimum health and wellness is a process, not an event.

And Two Years Later…

GPH I Am Back
I am back!! And I’ve had a blast being away, living life, loving others, and will continue to do so, but will also add blogging to my monthly dream list!!

I’ve learned that I was truly created to teach people how to help their own bodies heal, and that I have a gift for writing, which I am meant to share with YOU!

This time away has been invaluable. I hope that my gift to you will be all the wisdom I have learned, which you can apply to better your health, and change your life forever!

Live it, or Write about it….

Is it just me, or is time just flying by? Yeah, no, it’s not just me…it’s probably every person reading this! As well intentioned as I continue being to post at least once a month, it isn’t always getting done. If this is you, give yourself a break, and give yourself grace…when you don’t get to do things that you want and even need to do, just pause: are you living out of your joy? If you are, that’s all that’s needed.

This doesn’t mean to put on a happy face every day, and pretend, I mean, are the big things getting done? Are you seeking and loving God with your actions and words? Are you loving your spouse, your children, your next door neighbor, that person who may not seem to deserve to be loved? Are you being kind and generous? Are you giving of yourself? If you are answering “yes”, then no matter if you don’t get to write about it, and not matter if so many other things aren’t getting done… if you’ve lived with love, to the best of your ability today, rest in God, knowing that this is what He delights in, and it’s really the only thing that counts… “Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself”. ~Luke 10:27

Exciting News!

Life just doesn’t stop! But all is well, when health is great! How are you dealing with stress? Stress is a killer, and will cause great harm to your body, at a cellular level. If you are not armed with ways to effectively deal with stress, the harm to you physically, emotionally, and mentally, is almost incalculable. Signs that stress is not being diffused: a short temper, continual sickness, depression, lack of joy, lack of optimism, unable to think clearly. Break free from this! Contact me for holistic ways to change this cycle!

A New Year, A New Beginning!

It’s time to once again have a new beginning. Starting a new year brings hope of change and greater accomplishment. Nothing would be more important than to learn to become a good steward (caretaker) of the most important asset you have: Your body! When your body does not work properly, nothing else matters, and all other areas of life suffer. Commit to developing curiosity about the power that you have been given, in the physical “coat” that you are wearing. And commit to seeking the truth about your spirit. The Bible says to “Ask, and it shall be given to you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door shall be opened.”~Matthew 7:7

Resolve to seek answers this year. If you do so, you will surely have the most amazing year of your life, so far!


Reversing MS and other diseases

As you can tell, there has not been a single post for a very long time!  Unintentional, however, between earning my Holistic Healthcare Practitioner degree, and hearing of my dear MIL’s impending death, this simply didn’t get done.  Now, after receiving my degree, with a 4.0 average, and having been given the privilege of being part of my MIL’s healing journey, I can tell you that having stepped away for that time was essential and needed.

To make a very long story shorter, my MIL was in an El Paso hospital, taking over 67 medications DAILY, and having only 10% renal function, when I arrived.  Doctors and nurses were whispering that they did not think she would recover.  She weighed in at over 230 lbs, and was grotesquely bloated from renal malfunction.  I will spare you all the gory details, but she was not only unwell, she was dying.  There wasn’t much hope.  I felt the unmistakeable call from God to go help her.  I dropped everything, and packed my holistic healthcare bag with everything I knew might help her situation.  And when I arrived at the hospital, I did the one thing that patients in hospitals need most:  become a knowledgable advocate for her.  I asked questions about every procedure and every medication they were wanting to give, and the reason for them.  I knew one big thing:  she needed to get off the medications as soon as possible, and detox as soon as possible, if she would have a chance at all.  She couldn’t eat, yet she was taking medications, with barely any renal function.  I’ve been pleading with my MIL for years, to get off all these medications, and finally, she was ready to do so.

While all drug information always states to ask the doctors to help you get off medications safely, in her state, the doctors decided to get her off of most medications cold-turkey.  It was terrible.  For four days, she went through detox as any drug addict would.  They had her down to 15 meds, and I started pushing to get her off of every single one that was not absolutely necessary.  It was a fight, but it had to be done.  So, within a very short timeframe, she went from 67, to a total of just 4.  Without question, the number one, most important thing to allow for any healing, was prayer.  Prayer moves things in the spiritual realm that absolutely affects our physical bodies.  The most crucial thing beyond that, was to give her body nutrition, as she wasn’t eating anything.  I gave her double doses of Juice Plus+ (www.33DaysJuicePlus.com), and aside from filtered water, coconut oil, and honey, this was the only nutrition she was receiving.  I administered specific essential oils topically, orally, and by diffusing into the air, which addressed a terrible case of Cellulitis, and helped increase renal function.

Within just a few weeks of using the holistic therapies, my MIL was well enough to be discharged from the hospital/rehab center, and came to live with us for the next three months.  We concentrated on detoxing her body, eating well, and supplementing properly.  She had two strokes and one TIA.  But the fact that prayer and good holistic practices were being employed, allowed my MIL to not only live through those, but have absolutely no deficiencies.  In addition, all MS and Parkinsons symptoms, with the exception of neuralgia, disappeared.

How can this happen?  The body tends to balance, and to health.  It is we who get in the way.  If we give the body what it needs, and keep it away from what it does not need, vibrant health returns.

My MIL is enjoying greater health now than she has had in 20 years!  She is so full of life, that it is actually hard to believe.  The doctors certainly didn’t think this could ever happen.  But having helped many people in different stages of health issues, I am here to say that all one needs is a good holistic practitioner, or understanding of holistic ways, and it could be the difference between life and death, and between enjoying great, optimum health, or suffering needlessly!

Happy New Year!! Group Help!

There’s something powerful about being part of a group. People will do things in a group, and for a group, that they might never even consider doing on their own!  So, to kick off this new year, 2013, try doing something really great, and detox with a whole group of people looking to get healthy and well!!  Pull together a group of at least 20 of your favorite friends, family, co-workers, and/or neighbors, and walk through a 33 Day Journey, unlike any other you’ve taken before!  We’re looking at starting January 18th, so registration is on, until January 11th!!