Diet: Mostly plant-based, mostly raw

Nutritional Support:
Juice Plus+

This is just something you need to have!  There’s no way around it.  If you are on any kind of multivitamins, this will far surpass it.  Read all the independent, third party MEDICAL research, done via gold-standard, double blind, placebo crossover studies.  Peer-reviewed and published in all major medical journals.  Juice Plus+ introduces a high level of antioxidants into the bloodstream, and DNA is repaired at 66% faster than without it!  This means your body is not only repairing DNA and increasing the body’s natural healing process by that much faster, but it also means it reduces the aging process by that much!   For more info, and/or to order, click on the JP+ logo link at the beginning of this paragraph  FREE children’s product available with adult purchase, through my donations.  Message me for more details, or to order!

The Most Effective Essential Oils on the Planet
Image result for young living logoI spent close to 20 years looking for essential oils that held and performed according to the plants’ known healing abilities.  This is of utmost importance to me, as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.   This is the only brand that has measured up.  Safe, properly distilled, non-toxic, non-adulterated, highest efficacy in its use.  One of few 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade essential oils.  Yes, all companies will claim it, but very few deliver.  For more info, and/or to order: Please EMAIL US.   If you are ready to just go for it, please CLICK HERE.   You get my expertise as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, for FREE, and I will send a list of essential oil uses to every client, once registered!  To register, click:

Want more details?  Scroll down to Young Living Essential Oils!

Raw Honey and Royal Jelly:  Gift of Life for Digestion and Antioxidants

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The Stakich company has been around since 1925, and is family owned.  To order truly great Organic, Raw Honey, Royal Jelly, or Bee Pollen to add to your foods, drinks, or take as supplement, order HERE 


Inner Workings of Your Cells…

Complete Transformation nutrition

If you haven’t “Liked” God Provides Health FB page, run, don’t walk there, right now!! You will love the many different categories, and the many different ways in which you can grow and learn what’s good for health, in every category!!

Healing and re-modeling your brain:
The one Neuroscientist who has given us hope and direction in healing the brain and mind:  Dr. Caroline Leaf
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Bioscans and Therapies that Make a Difference:
Zyto Balance Bioscan:
  this test allows you to see exactly what the body is most coherent to and what it needs most, which allows you to make the absolute best health and wellness choices!  Most healthcare practitioners charge $150, I charge $55 per scan,  $40 per person, if you hire me to come scan a group of people, or $20 per scan, if you decide to get on a regular schedule of scans.  Truly worth ten times that much or more!
Zyto EVOX:  this is an Emotional Perception Reframing tool.  It takes the frequencies of your voice, and analyzes them for known emotional distressors, then feeds back positive necessary frequencies, to move the frame of perception, allowing for greater possibilities and for looking at things differently.  This tool can literally take the glass ceiling and walls you built around you for protection, and reframe your thoughts, so your beliefs and dreams can grow and come to pass.

Neurotherapy:  Did you know you could get your brain mapped, receive Neurotherapy, which helps re-shape and re-model your brain faster, (and without having to depend on your own willingness to focus on positive changes) and then see the changes and difference the therapy made, through a second brain map?  DFW is blessed to have Dr. Jonathan Walker, MD (Neurologist), providing this amazing therapy.  Check for local area resources near you!


Best Body Butter EVAH!!

75% Solid Butters, 25% liquid oils

I use:  50% Organic Shae butter, and 50% Organic Coconut oil, for the solid butters, and either Jojoba, Grapeseed, Avocado, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Seed, or Sweet Almond oil for the liquid oils.

EX:  3 Tablespoons solid butters, to 1 Tablespoon liguid oils, therefore: 1.5 Tablespoons Shae butter, and 1.5 Tablespoons Coconut oil, to 1 Tablespoon liquid oil.  Melt solid butters first, on low heat, stirring often, add liquid oil, and mix in well.  Remove from heat.  Immediately place in freezer for 30 minutes, then in refrigerator for several hours.  Remove from refrigerator, and whip up until consistency of soft butter, which forms peaks…as you are whipping up (with electric mixer), add at least 10 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oils.  I don’t recommend any other brand….see WHY below!  Add as many drops as is pleasing to you, in smell.  Some great choices are:  Lavender, Stress Away, Transformation, Peppermint, Rosemary, or combinations of Rosemary Lemon, Lemon Lavender, etc…  Have jars ready to load up with this precious skin-saving product!!   Your skin will completely soak this up, and LOVE you for it!!  Not greasy, and so nourishing to your skin!


When it comes to Young Living essential oils, people ask me all the time:  what do these essential oils do?  What do essential oils do in general?  Well, any brand of essential oil will do SOMETHING, but only the very most carefully crafted, grown, harvested and distilled, will have the most astoundingly GREAT results! So, when it comes to the question of what can Young Living essential oils do, the easier question to answer is what can they NOT do…because they are literally packets of unending possibilities, and as I tell my customers:  “No matter what, there’s an oil for THAT!”

Why Young Living?  There are “cheaper” oils!  Yes, there are!!  And boy, do you get what you pay for…a cheap imitation, that doesn’t do much of anything, and may even do the opposite of what you are looking for it to do!  There are also much more expensive ones, and you are getting totally ripped off!!  Buyer beware:  when it comes to essential oils, labels can claim anything they want, so just because it says “organic”, or “100% Pure”, doesn’t mean anything…and just because they don’t have that on the label, doesn’t mean they are not!

As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, it took me 20 years to find a brand that came even close to having oils that truly worked:  Every. Time. And worked astoundingly well!!  Learn from me, and don’t waste your money and time!!   I wasted tons of money on every brand anyone can ask me about:  Mountain Rose, DoTerra, AuraCacia, NOW…etc….NONE come anywhere close. All were a big disappointment.  Until I came across Young Living!

It has been around for over 20 years, and is THE ONLY company that has been working diligently from day one, to make sure every batch is far beyond any government standards set, and that every step is completely controlled and supervised by the company’s strictest standards of purity and efficacy…the only one that grows their own crops and does so in many parts of the world, specific to where each plant is native or is able to properly develop (YL now has 15 different farms that they either own or co-op with, all over the world) and distills the oils on site.  And one of a handful of companies that not only distills on site, but does so with the strictest of standards, making sure that each plant and plant part are steam distilled to its highest potential!

Almost all brands available on the market are outsourced…most companies know nothing about growing plants to their highest potential (every plant needs different soil nutritional needs, and watering conditions), about harvesting them at their peak (plants vary greatly in season, and even in time of day that they need to be harvested), or about distilling them to their best qualities (steam distillation, adjusting specific amount of time for each different plant).  Most companies outsource the growing and distilling process, and most are distilled chemically (fastest, easiest method).  Therefore, most essential oils are either adulterated, and/or diluted. Not so with Young Living!

Some things for you to look for, as you compare brands, even when you are not “an expert”:  how does the oil smell?  Your nose can tell when something is “off”, even if you don’t know anything about it.  Check the bottle:  does it have an expiration date?  Good, pure essential oils do NOT expire!  And lastly, regardless of your preconceived affiliation, or brand loyalty, do blind tests for yourself…Young Living will win EVERY time!  Not only does it win out in the TRUE aroma category ( you need to look beyond the seemingly pleasing synthetic aromas), but it also wins out in the actual aromatherapy category (what it can do, how quickly it can do it, and how effectively it can deliver the true plant constituents to the body)…very few oils deliver on actually fully relaxing, invigorating, uplifting you, clearing out receptor cells, and even helping your body heal.

We’re not allowed to disclose the true power of essential oils, on impacting the body, because apparently, when you make them available, freedom of speech no longer applies. However, you can find detailed resource guides on the Young Living brand itself (not sold by Young Living), which will specifically and exactly tell you how much, for what health issue, and how to use every single one!!  (Get resource guides specific to the YL brand, not the ones that are on essential oils in general).

If you don’t know anyone who is actively building the Young Living business, or you would like to have me to help guide you in their use, please CLICK HERE.   I will personally get in touch with you, and help you get started!!  If you have questions, email me HERE

How to get your YL oils:

You will need to register as either a Retail or Wholesale customer, in order to purchase any Young Living products.  As important as great oils are, you need to have a support system of people who can and are willing to point you to the resources you need, in order to use them properly and to their fullest potential!

Retail customers pay about 24% more than wholesale customers.  To purchase in this way, you can simply order online, and choose the “Retail” option, on the right, through this link:

Wholesale customers pay about 24% less than retail customers, and have the option to earn income (but it is NOT an obligation), simply by sharing the blessing of these great essential oils…for that, the company sends referral “Thank YOU” checks!! (There are stipulations the FTC has placed upon our businesses, so please contact me for details on stipulations for earning referral gifts!)  Wholesale customers get to register with a Premium Starter Kit, which includes 11 of the most often used oils in the home, plus a fantastic whole room diffuser:  a value of over $300, for just $160, plus tax and shipping!  A total steal!!  These 11 essential oils can literally address just about everything you can think of not only health and wellness-wise, but also be used to scent your entire home in a healthy and relaxing way, elevate the flavor of your foods, provide some of the best skincare, and provide a super pleasing environment, as you use them to clean and disinfect your kitchen and bathroom areas!  You can literally transform your entire home with these great oils!  In the kit, you will receive 11 of the following selection of oils:  Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, Purification, PanAway, Frankincense, DiGize, RC, Stress Away, Copaiba; In event of sourcing issues, the following my substitute some of the oils:  Citrus Fresh, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, or Orange.  Every one of the oils have a terrific amount of issues they address!  It will be one of the best investments in your home and health that can be made!

To register as a wholesale member, please click on link, and choose the box on the left: 

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Gourmet Salts of all kinds: Looking for GREAT Salts for cooking and detoxifying, including Epsom Salts for Spas and intoxicating baths? Look no further, and order from Saltworks! Absolutely the most wonderful sourcing place, and you can buy in bulk! We buy 50 lbs at a time, and enjoy very low cost Epsom Salt baths, and amazing gourmet salts for years of tasty, distinctive dishes! To order, click HERE

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